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MSX book and magazines scanned

by Sander on 06-10-2002, 12:25
Topic: MSX Related

Alexandre Antoniutti Passos has scanned another MSX book, and a lot of magazine's: "Guia do programador MSX" and all of Magazines ("Revistas" in portuguese).

MSX Fair Bussum 2002 photo`s online

by Sander on 06-10-2002, 01:44
Topic: Events

Bussum 2002 is over. It's too late already in this timezone, but we didn't want you to miss out the photo's. Check out the photo report. We add more info later.

C-BIOS 0.13

by BiFi on 03-10-2002, 15:51
Topic: Emulation

Boukichi released version 0.13 of his MSX compatible BIOS. Not much changes but it has something interesting:

  • Improved init_sc5
  • Sources commented in English

Roxy Muzak PSG Player

by BiFi on 01-10-2002, 12:18
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

MK II made a music player that enables playing PSG musics that are made without any tracker like we are used to lately. It seems this allows us to do things with the PSG even Konami didn't do in their PSG musics. The way to do these things are explained in the accompanied text file (which is in Spanish) to make your own musics.The player already comes with 2 musics.

MSX2 slide collection 3 and 4

by snout on 01-10-2002, 11:43
Topic: Software

Source: MSX Files

After releasing two disks with slide shows less than a week ago, Lumberjack created a website and two more slideshow disks for MSX2. You can download all 4 slide collections at this website.

The LPE-Z80-V1 is a new Z80-card for the EV4 slotexpander. Connecting it directly to the flatcable connector (that usually runs to the MSX slot), a powersupply and the Padial Video card + RTC and PCKeyboard expansions creates a fully working MSX.

Shalom in English - beta2

by snout on 30-09-2002, 10:03
Topic: Translations

Source: MSX Files

The second beta version of Shalom English has been released. The current version has advanced as far as the Portuguese version, which means you can play the game in English up to beating bosses 4 and 5.

Castle Excellent on GamePark32

by snout on 29-09-2002, 14:19
Topic: MSX Related

The GamePark32 is a portable gameconsole from Korea, that competes with Nintendo's Gameboy Advance. Having a powerful ARM9 processor, 4 channel wireless RF channels (for wireless multiplayer gaming), an USB port, and a good graphics engine, many people found their way to the GamePark.


As far as Panasonic is concerned their current msx is called Q.Released in the end of last year, the Q is a Nintendo Gamecube compatible game machine, but loaded with extra features like a full blown dvd player, and

Penguin Mints at

by Sander on 27-09-2002, 15:08
Topic: MSX Related

Basically, most of us are nerds.

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