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Tao Group, the makers of Intent, the multimedia platform for JAVA, showed their platform at JavaOne 2002, a exposition held in Pacific Yokohama last September. They showed a 3d render program, games and the MSXPLAYer at their booth.

YS Complete translated

by snout on 19-10-2002, 08:48
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Patriek Lesparre

Falcom, a popular Japanese software-developer, released YS Eternal 1 in 1998 and YS Eternal 2 in 2000. Both games were visual improvements of the MSX Games YS1 and YS2. This year, Falcom released a box 'YS2 Complete' which contains improved versions of YS1 and YS2 eternal.

MG-MRC update

by snout on 18-10-2002, 15:45
Topic: MRC

10 days ago, the first version of MG-MRC posted its first message on #msx. MG-MRC is an IRC bot that gives the visitors of MSX-related IRC-channels information on the latest news.Today, a new version of MG-MRC was installed, allowing our team to do remote administration. More important however, the bot now works on multiple IRC networks. Also, a new command was added to its features.

and Gigamix

The WPC Expo is a large exposition in Tokyo, Japan. In no less than three days the leaders of the computer-industry show their products of the future to the rest of the world. This exposition is known as Asia's number one IT show.

GameARTS joins EGG

by snout on 18-10-2002, 12:55
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: RetroPC

EGG will distribute games created by GameARTS in the upcoming lineups of EGG's re-released software. One of the most well-known MSX titles by GameARTS is Thexder. Currently, GameARTS develops games for various consoles.

MSXPlug 0.23

by snout on 17-10-2002, 11:17
Topic: Music

MSXPlug, a plugin for WinAMP and Kbmediaplayer was updated to version 0.23 today.

Bargain 4.04

by snout on 16-10-2002, 12:58
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Bargain is a simple tool for compressing pictures in SCREEN 5 - SCREEN 12. With an easy-to-use BASIC interface, yuo can compress images at an acceptable speed with an acceptable compression-rate.

MSX Resource Center welcomes its 1000th member!Within two years after the launch of the 'new' MSX Resource Center website, one thousand MSX users chose to join the MSX Resource Center as members. After starting as a website with links to MSX websites in 1994, the site had a complete make-over in 2000.

Preview of platform game La Mulana

by Bart on 15-10-2002, 17:50
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

La Mulana is the title of the latest game by the staff of the GR3 project. The game is not yet finished, but a preview and an "experience" version can be downloaded though. The English version of the game does not contain music yet, and is not bugfree also. The good news though is that this Maze of Galious look a like platform game is again (just as GR3) of amazing quality.

GR3 Project: Gradius clone finalized

by Bart on 15-10-2002, 15:54
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

A great new clone of the famous Gradius has been made by the staff of the GR3 project. The clone is completely written in java and thus working in a browser and standalone. The staff has created an amazing piece of software.

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