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Build your own Zx81

by Bart on 07-11-2000, 20:09
Topic: MSX Related

Want to solder your own Zx81? Building it up from scratch? You can do that by ordering a Zx81 Computer Kits Pack from Zebra Computers.Visit Zebra here:

Note: they only ship in US and Canada, nowhere else!

MSX.ORG WinAmp Skin Beta

by Bart on 07-11-2000, 00:16
Topic: MRC

Hi All,While being busy preparing for my final graduating presentation and stuff, I found some distraction in creating a WinAmp skin a la MSX.ORG. See the screenshot below.It's fully functional, but only the main window. I still have to do the equalizer, playlist and minibrowser. But it will be finished soon, just wanted to share the first beta with you Smile

MSX games and cheating

by mars2000you on 06-11-2000, 16:58
Topic: Websites

If you like MSX games and if you like to cheat, then the following Korean site is for you :

Good MSX fun !

by Bart on 06-11-2000, 13:52
Topic: Music

I found a cool link to a chip tune site. If you follow the 'Audio' link, at the bottom of the left sidebar on the chiptune site, you'll find some real cool remakes of homecomputer & console gamemusic. I haven't seen any of these tracks anywhere else, so check them out!

Visit chiptune at:

New fMSX launcher

by Grauw on 06-11-2000, 10:14
Topic: Emulation

Check this out!! A great new launcher for with pictures/music etc. I made it 4 all u MSX fan’s!!

Greeting The B.O.S.S.

ParaMSX 0.20

by tfh on 02-11-2000, 12:14
Topic: Emulation

paraMSX V0.20 has been released and these are the new features:

  • KanJi Driver(Knjdrv.rom) will be loaded at MSX2+ mode.
  • Fixed ScreenShot bug.
  • Fixed Sprite color at SCREEN1.
  • Fixed PSG envelope bug.
  • Added new scanline modes for 16bit color.
  • Added CPU speed option.
  • Added Time acceleration option.

Distributed Computing

by Grauw on 01-11-2000, 20:12
Topic: MRC

Are you active with distributed computing and want it to have something to do with your MSX as well??? Then why don’t you join the MSX team at Seti@Home or distributed RC5??

MSX 2001 Fair

by Bart on 26-10-2000, 01:52
Topic: Events

On 20 January 2001 MSX-NBNO will organize the MSX 2001 fair.This fair will be held in:

‘t Oude Theater
Bram van den Berghstraat

For more information visit our website: of course you can e-mail us as well at: MSX2001@msx4ever.demo

Instant webgraphics

by Sander on 20-10-2000, 10:13
Topic: MSX Related

If you don't know how to draw, but you still want to have nice webgraphics for your website, try these urls:

Online 3D logo generator:
Create buttons and other gfx online with instantly: http://www.flamingtext

King Kong 2 translation

by tfh on 19-10-2000, 18:17
Topic: Translations

King Kong 2 by Konami has been translated to English. The .ROM and .DSK file are both available at the MEP:

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