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by tfh on 15-10-2000, 16:17
Topic: Software

Takamichi discovered the following news:Studio Wing is a game company that recently decided to release their old MSX2 titles. The games are mainly adventures in Japanese, and require extensive knowloedge of the Japanese language.

AmiMSX2 V3.1

by tfh on 14-10-2000, 16:50
Topic: Emulation

AmiMSX2 V3.1 has been released, and is available at the MEP: New features in V3.1 are:

  • MSX2 Overscan support
  • Screen 2 and 4 ONE bank tile support.
  • 100% Compatible with all Motorola procesors (020/030/040/060)
  • Z-80A Emulation is now Syncronized (Slow but more Quality)
  • Now, a l

Emulator updates

by tfh on 13-10-2000, 21:58
Topic: Emulation

paraMSX and NLMSX both have been updated today. paraMSX Features:

  • Changed Korean MSX2 (IQ2000)`s memory layout.

MEP back online

by tfh on 10-10-2000, 16:13
Topic: Websites

The MEP finally managed to get their database up and running again thanks to OmegaMSX of FuNET, who is kind enough to host the files there!Besides that, the MEP will now also supply you with day to day news from the MSX world. So head on over to the MEP!

uzix and replay

by Bart on 08-10-2000, 09:39
Topic: MRC

As you may have noticed on the right of this page, we have two new subdomains in the domainname space. These are and .Check those pages out!And we welcome our new subdomain users!

Matra kicks ass

by Sander on 29-09-2000, 11:42
Topic: Software

Check out some excellent game reviews of new Matra productions at Matra shows us that Konami style programming and gameplay isn‘t the highest thing you can get from your MSX. With borderless 224 lines modes, excellent PSG music and superb gfx their games are worth saving some bucks for.

New forum online

by Sander on 27-09-2000, 23:50
Topic: MRC

Hello people! We have a new forum online! Thanks to Bart who showed his programming skills again. Check it out and don`t be afraid to use it!

New MSX Emu available

by tfh on 26-09-2000, 12:13
Topic: Emulation

A new MSX emulator for Linux is available: svgamsx. It requires a x86 machine and the svgalib installed. For the rest I don‘t have much information as I don‘t know that much about Linux, and no docs are available. The file can be downloaded at:

RC5 Project

by Bart on 25-09-2000, 10:16
Topic: MRC

Do you know how many 2^64 is? Well, that's the number of keys we're cracking in order to find the one and only right RC5 encrypted key! Teams from all over the world are cracking, their members adding lots of mhz's of processor power to the cause. MSX has it's own team ofcourse! Showing what we can do!

fMSXSO English Docs

by tfh on 22-09-2000, 22:31
Topic: Emulation

fMSXSO 0.81, now finally comes with English documentation, making life for us a lot easier.

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