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Konami News

by Sander on 27-05-2000, 11:02
Topic: MSX Related

Konami Japan have announced a deal which is intended to make them major players in the fast-growing games market for mobile communication devices. They are teaming up with a company called Dwango, which is renowned as a leader in this field, producing such palmtop and telephone games as Dwango and Iwango which are very popular with the Japanese.

MIDI player

by Sander on 27-05-2000, 00:48
Topic: Music

If you do not have a soundcard with wavetable output, forget the XG player and go for the Roland VSC-88 software synthesizer.

Download the 50 second demo here: and use your searchengine for the rest.

New MIDI files

by Sander on 25-05-2000, 14:02
Topic: Music

MIDI music again! We have added the first compile and TE Soft MIDI files online. Plus Snatcher and Thundercross MIDI files. We have now over 150 Music tracks online. Please mail to if you want us to host your MIDI files here also. Let other people enjoy your music!

MIDI Music

by Sander on 24-05-2000, 00:31
Topic: Music

The first MIDI files from Mr. Higuchi are online! Listen to nemesis 2, nemesis 3, f1 spirit and Space Manbow! More will follow when we have added them to the database!Enjoy!

MIDI Music

by Sander on 23-05-2000, 18:27
Topic: Music

Masayuki Higuchi has given us permission to host his MIDI files!They will be added to our music section and MIDI player soon!Thank you!The MSX.ORG Website team.

The MSX ICQ list

by Grauw on 23-05-2000, 12:36
Topic: MRC

The ICQ list has moved to!!! If you are an MSX-user, and have ICQ, check it out!!!Please note that the icq number in your user profile will not be used on this list without your permission first!

MP3 Music

by Bart on 22-05-2000, 16:23
Topic: Music

New mp3 music links in the music section! All are rearranged themes from Falcom games.

Script Programmers Needed

by Bart on 22-05-2000, 16:13
Topic: MRC needs more people who can code ASP (vbscript or jscript). At this moment the maincoders (sander and bart) need help to get some new things online. So, if you have the skills, please mail to!

MSX Fair Bussum 2000

by Grauw on 22-05-2000, 16:12
Topic: Events

This year the Bussum fair will again be held, and the MSX Marathon will also get a successor.

Kick Ass Music Files!

by Bart on 21-05-2000, 15:18
Topic: Websites

Check out the Wolf Music Page. 6 unreleased MSX songs by Wolf. S3M files from, among others, Usas & Starship Rendez Vous. Check it out!

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