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Illusion City MIDI files

by snout on 28-10-2002, 12:26
Topic: Music

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Adriano da Cunha ripped 4 MIDI files from Illusion City during the translation process. These MIDI files can be downloaded from his site. Some of them end quite abruplty, as they do so in the game as well.

Pochitto-Nyah released by Compile

by Sander on 25-10-2002, 18:04
Topic: MSX Related

After some months of silence, well known game maker Compile has released a new puzzle game called Pochitto-Nyah. The game looks like it's a new Puyo Puyo type of game. The main difference with Puyo Puyo is that you have more control over the moment blocks with the same colors disappear after placing the new ones.

Source: CBC News Online

Not funny for the people involved, but funny for us to read:In Canada a oyster disease called MSX has infected oyster stocks in Cape Breton's Bras d'Or Lakes. MSX could have a devastating impact.

Shalom Portuguese beta 9

by snout on 23-10-2002, 12:51
Topic: Translations

A new beta of the Portuguese translation of Shalom (Knightmare 3) is now available on the Shalom translation site. The game is now fully translated upto the sixth boss.

openMSX for Windows 0.2.0

by snout on 22-10-2002, 21:58
Topic: Emulation

About two weeks ago we announced and hosted the very first port of openMSX to Windows. Many people downloaded the emulator and were excited about its capabilities.

Nyancle Racing english

by snout on 22-10-2002, 20:46
Topic: Translations

Source: Manuel Bilderbeek

After releasing the English version of Xak, Deltasoft started to translate more games from Japanese to English. At the Tilburg fair in 2003 they plan to release several translated titles, but they will release some free translatiosn on their site as well.

MSXPLAYer info on ZDnet Japan

by snout on 22-10-2002, 20:13
Topic: MSX Revival

The appearance of ASCII's MSX Magazine/MSXPLAYer booth at the WPC Expo 2002 got the attention of the Japanese division of ZDnet.

Z80 made out of glass

by snout on 22-10-2002, 10:46
Topic: Hardware

SEL (a semiconductor research institute) and Sharp managed to create an 8 bit Z80-processor printed on a glass substrate, using Continuous Grain technology. This glass substrate is also used in LCD displays.

The CG silicone technology is developed by both companies in 1998, and is said to be the next-generation technology for silicon-processors.

Game Music Database

by Bart on 21-10-2002, 23:34
Topic: Websites


Mirsoft opened up a gamemusic database which contains, amongst many other platforms, some MSX game music.

As reported earlier this year, ASCII is going to release a new MSX-magazine, containing information on the history of MSX and a CD-ROM featuring the stand-alone version of MSX PLAYer and some free software.

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