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MSX Fair Bussum report

by Bart on 22-09-2001, 22:33
Topic: Events

It was great, or should I say, it is great? Because the fair is still going on at the time of writing Anyway, for what I've seen I think around 75 people visited this years Bussum fair. Among other things to do overthere we, the MSX Resource Center, organized a MSX Quiz. Only one contestant answered all 15 questions with the right answers!

The MSX Museum bOX site launched

by anonymous on 21-09-2001, 21:23
Topic: Websites

Today I launched The MSX Museum bOX at

What's on the site? A comprehensive list of almost every MSX containing a total of 177 pictures of different MSXes. Anyone who wants to help completing the site with missing pictures, please e-mail me!

HansO Website updated

by anonymous on 21-09-2001, 19:07
Topic: Websites

Hi, My hardware, do it yourself and Pascal programming related website is updated. Lots of articles, service manuals, background info. Also available on cd now, the site contains over 133 Mb! is the new address, the old address ( still functions

Have fun, Hans

Bussum 2001 reminder!

by Bart on 17-09-2001, 15:49
Topic: Events

Just a reminder for all of you that the Bussum fair 2001 is almost here. It will be held on september 22nd.You can find it on the MSX Fair List

Read this news topic for more info and/or check out the forum

Website Update

by JEames on 16-09-2001, 23:53
Topic: Websites

Major update at MSXDirect!

The page has been updated with votes and rankings. More software has been added. Check it out and rate your favourite software.

TokiTori (Eggbert) Released

by tfh on 13-09-2001, 16:04
Topic: MSX Related

Well.. It finally happened. TokiTori (We MSX'ers know it as Eggbert) has finally been released by Capcom for the Gameboy Color. It has taken a bit longer than expected, but...

New: MSX Fair List

by Grauw on 11-09-2001, 15:51
Topic: MRC

Hi! Obviously, I have too much spare time. Besides the new forum last week we now also have the MSX Fair List! It features a participants list and an online registration feature for all fair organizations. our dedicated team will make sure it's updated.

Hello Msx Maniac! Get the new version of FrontEnd for Brmsx by Msx Mania Brasil.This FrontEnd works under Dos/Win9x mode.Some features:

  • Save the configuration file for each Msx Game.
  • You don't need more unpack your ZIP files! Run the game on the ZIP!

Ikeda's MSX print 31-08-2001

by snout on 03-09-2001, 13:59
Topic: MSX Revival

[edited version]

Kazuhiko Nishi and visitors talked about the MSX Computer system. There were about 50 visitors. MSX was made by Microsoft and ASCII in 1983. At first, Nishi told anold story about MSX Screen-mode and Video chip 'V9958' created by ASCII. Many manufacturers made MSX computers. They could be divided into two groups. One is the 'GAME MACHINE' group.

Drive belt replacement

by snout on 03-09-2001, 13:52
Topic: Hardware

At you can see how to replace the drive-belt of panasonic MSX drives. Thanks to Ikeda for the tip!

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