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by Grauw on 13-07-2000, 00:02
Topic: MRC

There are some updates; you can‘t accidentally click more than once on the poll. Please, don‘t make a challenge of it and go clearing cookies etc, we want the poll to be a fair one. You might also have noticed the MSX Resource Center is now on full-screen again. However, with the new layout. Also, there now is an internal Revision History which all of you cannot view (gna gna gna).

Japanese MSX pages

by Sander on 13-07-2000, 00:01
Topic: Websites

Have you ever wanted to read those many Japanese MSX pages in English? Well, now you can thanks to Alex Wulms who discovered this great translation link: Try it!

MCCW Issue 92

by tfh on 12-07-2000, 16:36
Topic: Websites

MCCW Issue 92 is released! You can find it at this URL: Brand new articles for your enjoyment.

X68000 Emulation

by Sander on 10-07-2000, 19:58
Topic: MSX Related

Hi, it‘s me again. Have you ever played the first level of Nemesis 2 in 4096 colors and with a three plane scroll? No? Well, then it is time to download the EX68 emulator and Nemesis 90.

Atari MSX Emulator V0.10b

by tfh on 10-07-2000, 09:15
Topic: Emulation

MSX Emulator V0.10b has been released. This is an MSX Emulator for the Atari STx & Atari Falcon series. It‘s rather slow but works quite allright. You can download it at the official website

ICQ list update

by Grauw on 09-07-2000, 13:37
Topic: MRC

I now create the ICQ list dynamically from a database-file. At the moment, this is only easier for me, but soon you will be able to edit your ICQ details yourself through your user settings. ~Grauw

New frame layout

by Bart on 05-07-2000, 09:41
Topic: MRC

Thanx to Laurens Holst (Grauw), who made a new frame index, the MSX Resource Center displays a lot better on higher resolutions. Have fun on YOUR MSX center everybody!

Rotate Banner System

by Bart on 29-06-2000, 09:04
Topic: MRC

The rotate banner system is implemented! Please notice that we can still use some more banners, so send yours to for free inclusion on this page! Your banner dimensions must be 399 x 57 pixels.

Left frame layout

by Bart on 24-06-2000, 10:12
Topic: MRC

We have moved the personal settings options in the left menu, when you log in, to the top of that frame. In this way, you don't have to resize your screen or browser settings when you log in.

Some background info

by Bart on 22-06-2000, 09:29
Topic: MRC

Hi All! Here I am again. I'd like to point out that adding adds to the marketplace is only possible for registered users. (so register Smile Furthermore, I noticed that a lot of people still use their randomly generated password. This is NOT necessary! You may edit your password in your Personal Settings.

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