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fMSX 2.3

by Bart on 09-12-2000, 18:14
Topic: Emulation

fMSX emulator 2.3 has been released. Tip from Maarten ten Huurne:Also a tip for X11 users: if you get 'Opening window... FAILED' when starting fMSX and you’re using -DBPP32, try compiling with -DBPP24 instead (see Makefile).

Arcade Flyers

by Sander on 09-12-2000, 10:15
Topic: MSX Related

This is maybe a bit offtopic but haveyou ever visited 'the arcade flyer archive'?A site loaded with scans of arcade flyers. It’s nice to compare the Konami flyers with your MSX originals! Find the differences!

Check it out at

MIDI files from Atsushi Fukai

by Sander on 28-11-2000, 00:00
Topic: Music

If you like game MIDI music, check out the homepage of Atsushi Fukai. This guy made some great midi files of Konami's Twinbee, but also of Ys and more. His web address:

Uzix 0.1.7

by Bart on 21-11-2000, 23:20
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Hi, MSXers.I’m proud to announce a new release, 0.1.7, of UZIX.Some highlights:

  • kernel enhancement;
  • some kernel bugfixes;
  • better module handling (now the local ping wastes only 100ms!);
  • more robust handling for module ’orphan calls’;

This version 0.1.7 has also a new TCP/IP Stack version.

MooAmp & MSX RC5 Proxy

by Bart on 20-11-2000, 21:50
Topic: MRC

Hi All,First I’d like to point out to this WinAmp skin, which is just amazing for RC5 cow lovers within the team! Download it here. Haven’t joined our MSX team yet? Check this page for more info! for sale :-)

by Sander on 18-11-2000, 00:34
Topic: MSX Related

Hi readers,Today, I stumbled upon something funny at is for sale! You’ll get with it for free.To bad the starting price is $150,000...

Check it out at:

Ikeda’s MSX Print

by Grauw on 16-11-2000, 14:21
Topic: MSX Revival

Ikeda’s latest edition of MSX Print is released! Main subjects: they intend to visit to the upcoming Barcelona fair, Anne de Raad and Bernard Lamers visited ASCII and there is some brainstorming about the name of the new MSX. Also the official MSX Revival homepage is announced.

News from Mr. Padial

by Sander on 15-11-2000, 23:51
Topic: Websites

Mr. Padial informed us that MSX power replay is no longer a reseller of his products.Furthermore, he will produce some FM-PAC’s.You can preorder these before the end of november at Hnostar.

MSX Power Replay:

Tokimeki Knightmare

by Bart on 13-11-2000, 22:57
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Gyonin, who was once a subject of dispute in this mailing list for hisManesis, recently released another Windows Konami clone - Tokimeki Knightmare.While resembling that Knightmare, Tokimeki Knightmare takes opposite stance; Aphrodite rescues kidnapped Popolon. A lot of reference to old Konami MSX1 games, and sarcastic ending where the couple only finds their castle occupied by Galious.

100.000 visitors

by Bart on 12-11-2000, 14:10
Topic: MRC

November 8th we passed the amount of 100.000 -UNIQUE- visitors! Thanks to you all for visiting us and let’s break the 200.000 visitors barrier soon! Smile

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