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by anonymous on 15-12-2001, 12:12
Topic: Websites

I've just created a new MSX site. It's titled MSX VALLEY and the address is You can find help for labyrinths games in a new form: I follow the evolution of the game by screenshots that are regrouped in maps,and I give some other useful indications. The first game that is presented is "The Goonies".

MSX 2002 Fair, 19 januari 2002

by anonymous on 13-12-2001, 08:00
Topic: Events

The MSX 2002 fair will be held on 19 januari 2002. The fair will be held in: 't Oude Theater Bram van den Berghstraat Oss For more information and reservations send an e-mail to: or

HansO Webpages updated

by anonymous on 08-12-2001, 16:49
Topic: Websites

The HansO webpages are being updated at the moment:

  • Sony service manuals
  • Philips service manuals
  • more sources
  • Telopter/Halos program for 900P and 8280
  • lots of other updates

PLease visit

Ethernet on MSX!

by snout on 06-12-2001, 04:17
Topic: Hardware

Source: Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha (MSX Mailinglist)

What happens when you combine Uzix with a prototype of the MSX Ethernet card? Look for yourself at the following site:

As from next month, we will be producing a new bimonthly magazine about all retro-computers and consoles - not just the emulators, but also the machines themselves. Retro Review deals with all consoles and computers from the '70s, through the MSX era, to the 'almost-modern' consoles such as the Sega Saturn. We will be focusing on the early-mid eighties, however.

Jaú 2001 - MSX fair photo's

by Bart on 27-11-2001, 22:02
Topic: Events

Source: Werner Augusto Roder Kai

Werner Augusto Roder Kai (short Werner Kai) has placed some photo's online of the MSX fair Jaú 2001. The photo's show, amongst various fair shoorts, a Pioneer Palcom PX-V7 and LaserDisc player and a National CF-3000.


by Bart on 27-11-2001, 21:50
Topic: MRC

Apologies for the broken news posting script everyone. We hadn't noticed it yet! It's working again. Please keep up telling us malfunctions, your ideas, etc. We appreciate it!

ZANAC - new versions by Compile

by Sander on 14-11-2001, 12:42
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Compile website

Compile has announced two new installments of the Zanac series. For a PDA with PalmOS and a color display you can buy the classic MSX Zanac version online. There's also a demo version wich you can download.

Generation MSX updates

by snout on 09-11-2001, 16:15
Topic: Websites

A lot of updates recently @ generation MSX. You can now view the software history of Bit2, Wolfteam, Riverhill and Telenet!

MSX Jau 2001 report

by snout on 08-11-2001, 12:07
Topic: Events

Source: Active MSX/Kuniji Ikeda

You can find a small photo-report on MSX Jau 2001 on this website.

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