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Midi release

by anonymous on 22-05-2002, 11:01
Topic: Music

Hi everyone, I'm back again with two new songs.. These Are : Troika and The Maze of Galious

Fat16 patch for DOS2.xx

by snout on 21-05-2002, 12:23
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Okei released a new patchtool for DOS2.xx in order to let it work with FAT16. Thanks to a new method of patching it should work with all versions of MSX-DOS 2.xx now. I've tried it myself with DOS 2.41 (by CPU) and it works!

Click here to download the patch.

fMSXSO 1.10

by snout on 19-05-2002, 20:08
Topic: Emulation

New versions of this fMSX-based emulator arrive at an impressive speed. Download the most recent version of fMSXSO at this site.

NLMSX 0.41

by snout on 18-05-2002, 00:47
Topic: Emulation

The very popular MSX emulator NLMSX was once again updated. New features and fixes this time:

  • added sprite collision support for sprite mode 1 and 2
  • added numeric keyboard support
  • changed some keyboard settings
  • added support for clockchip data.

MSXPLAYer - News update

by snout on 17-05-2002, 19:25
Topic: MSX Revival

After our reports about the release earlier today we can now provide you with some more information on the official MSX emulator bu the MSX Association.EGG, related to Pegasys incorporated has now started selling games that run on the MS

Y2K patch for Multi Mente

by snout on 17-05-2002, 19:14
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Okei has found the time to create a patch for Multi Mente so that it will display all dates beyond Y2K correctly. The patch only works with Multi Mente version 2.07_A and was designed to work with version 0.09 of her FAT16 driver. Click here for a direct download link.

Release MSXPLAYer

by Latok on 16-05-2002, 19:19
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: MSX Mailinglist and MSX Newsgroup

The MSX Association has planned the release of the MSXPLAYer within a few days from now, maybe even tomorrow. The delay in the release mainly has been caused by difficulties regarding the MSX copyrights.

InterNestor Suite beta 4

by snout on 16-05-2002, 16:12
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Konamiman (also known as Nestor Soriano) released a new betaversion of InterNestor Suite as well as a new version of NestorMan (1.22) that is needed to run this Internet Suite. New in this version are an improved TCP module and a complete FTP client. Have a look at this site for a complete list of features and downloads.

fMSXSO 1.03dd

by anonymous on 16-05-2002, 10:36
Topic: Emulation


Yet another small update of fMSXSO. As my japanese is as good as Hideo Kojima's dutch wooden shoe making skills, i've got no idea what the bugfixes are, but grab it anyway

MSX party in Finland 02-04 of August

by anonymous on 15-05-2002, 17:30
Topic: Events

There is going to be the biggest MSX party in Finland for years. We expect many visitors since it will be held near the big global computer party called Assembly. There are going to be also few new MSX software releases!

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