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Inspecteur Z map

by mars2000you on 26-06-2006, 01:44
Topic: Websites

In 1986, HAL Laboratory released the platform game Inspecteur Z (also known as Bull and Mighty's Slim Chance) on MSX.

On March 18th a new milestone was reached in the MSX Revival: co-operating with MSX Association and D4 Enterprise, Konami finally took their fir

VDP Pirates Demo

by [WYZ] on 22-06-2006, 16:39
Topic: Software

On the Karoshi forum you can download a new VDP test demo createdy by WYZ which includes a VDP check (which you can bypass by pressing space) and a full screen interlaced bitmap picture on SCREEN 1.

MSX-DOS girl

by snout on 22-06-2006, 16:35
Topic: MSX Related

Finally, many years after its original release, someone in Japan has taken the time to create a mascotte for Microsoft's Disk Operating System for MSX (MSX-DOS).

MSX Links section - 250 links

by snout on 22-06-2006, 16:31
Topic: MRC

With the addition of Piroyans lablog, the MRC links section contains no less than 250 links to MSX (related) websites from all over the world. Do you know of any MSX related websites that are not listed yet (or anymore)? Is yours listed?

Piroyan's lablog - link added

by snout on 22-06-2006, 16:28
Topic: Websites

We have just added a new link to Piroyan's lablog to our section of links to MSX (related) websites. On Piroyan's lablog, you can currently find short Japanese articles on using SDCC and optimizing graphics for SCREEN 3.

Many people will probably have spotted this popular video on YouTube where a German kid totally freaks out while he's trying to load and play a game of Unreal Tournament.

Dr. Kikkie has published an eight-part article/tutorial on the Sunrise IDE/CompactFlash interfaces, which many active MSX users consider to be essential equipment nowadays.

MSX History have published an interview with the Brazilian professor Pierluigi Piazzi, who has in the past published books on MSX which helped many Brazilian MSX developers to discover how fun developing software for the MSX computer could be.

A while ago, MSX History have published four video fragments from a 1991 TV show on Globo TV, showing Globo Reporter news items on video games of the early 1990s.

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