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MAD releases Quarth's Theme

by Latok on 13-05-2005, 21:39
Topic: Music

MAD Music Studio releases many arranged versions of MSX game songs. Recently, the theme of Konami's popular game Quarth has been added to the ever growing collection.

In Japan, Amusement Center rereleases classic Japanese retro software for PC.

Snoopy Town (MSXdev'05 entry)

by pitpan on 13-05-2005, 14:40
Topic: Software

Another game has joined the MSXdev'05 contest and it is already a finished project: Snoopy Town, by Andrea Gasparini. It can be found at the MSXdev'05 status page.


by snout on 13-05-2005, 04:59
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha has released a new utility for MSX called ONEDRIVE.

MAP updates

by Bart on 12-05-2005, 23:57
Topic: Websites

Source: MSX Mailinglist

The MAP (MSX Assembly Pages) website has been updated today. Grauw announced the following changes:

  • Fixed a few cut-off numbers in the Z80 instruction set overview
  • Replaced the Div16 16-bits division routine with a faster one by Flyguille.

2005 Cracking Challenge

by [WYZ] on 11-05-2005, 21:32
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

[WYZ] has set up a nice 'Cracking Challenge' for all you programmers out there. On the Karoshi forums you can find a link to a CRACKME.BIN file. What's in a name...

Running the file gives you a request for a name and a registry number. The challenge is to find out both this name and the registry number.

Mosquy no Tabidachi by Symray Scopio

by Bart on 10-05-2005, 22:46
Topic: Music

Mosquy no Tabidachi is a song made by Symray Scopio entirely in MSX Basic.

MSX info pages updated

by Bart on 10-05-2005, 22:34
Topic: Websites

Hans Otten updated the MSX Info pages with a nice article and some photo's on how he managed to fit his ObsoNET in a cartridge casing. Maybe the first ObsoNET with casing?

Yesterday we already posted about the MSX World 2005 report link-collection at Gigamix. At that time ten reports had been linked from Gigamix. Just one day later nf_ban added 23(!) more links to MSX World 2005 fair reports.

IRC client for Internestor Lite

by Latok on 10-05-2005, 18:34
Topic: Development

One of the coolest utilities for MSX is currently being developed by Konamiman.

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