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MSX Resource Center welcomes its 1000th member!Within two years after the launch of the 'new' MSX Resource Center website, one thousand MSX users chose to join the MSX Resource Center as members. After starting as a website with links to MSX websites in 1994, the site had a complete make-over in 2000.

Preview of platform game La Mulana

by Bart on 15-10-2002, 17:50
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

La Mulana is the title of the latest game by the staff of the GR3 project. The game is not yet finished, but a preview and an "experience" version can be downloaded though. The English version of the game does not contain music yet, and is not bugfree also. The good news though is that this Maze of Galious look a like platform game is again (just as GR3) of amazing quality.

GR3 Project: Gradius clone finalized

by Bart on 15-10-2002, 15:54
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

A great new clone of the famous Gradius has been made by the staff of the GR3 project. The clone is completely written in java and thus working in a browser and standalone. The staff has created an amazing piece of software.

Source: MSX Mailinglist

After translating the game, the enitre manual of Parodius has been translated from Japanese to English as well. Head to the Parodius translation site for both the game and the manual!

C-BIOS 0.14

by snout on 13-10-2002, 15:47
Topic: Emulation

Boukichi is still very active at creating a set of ROM files that is compatible with the MSX BIOS. In version 0.14, extra (Japanese) comments were added to the source code. Also, an English version of the C-BIOS manual is available at his site now.

West-Friesland Home Page update

by BiFi on 12-10-2002, 20:15
Topic: Websites

After more than 2 weeks of downtime due to upgrades, the server is up and running again. During that time the updates to the site couldn't be uploaded. However, today the site could be updated again. You can now read and download the Newsletter issue 43 and view the meeting photo's.

Slide Station - new MSX disk magazine

by Sander on 11-10-2002, 12:20
Topic: Software

Mario, aka Lumberjack informed us about the following:

Slide Station, the new disk magazine for MSX 2 that will have its first issue launched in this month, is being developing for be viewed by FlyBrowser 1.8 (a modified version of the brazilian MSX browser FudeBrowser and that will be always built-in on the disk magazine).

openMSX for Windows 0.1.9

by snout on 09-10-2002, 19:51
Topic: Emulation

Shortly after the release of openMSX 0.2.0 for Linux, a port of the previous version (0.1.9) to Windows arrived at the MSX Resource Center headquarters. This version was ported by an unknown Japanese person, who considered making this port a joke.

FM-Pak production project

by Bart on 09-10-2002, 09:29
Topic: Hardware

Gilberto Dosvualdo told us he might be willing to produce new FM-Pak cartridges with the YM2413 FM Sound synthesizer if enough people are interested. Gilberto is setting up a list of people who are interested.

MG-MRC bot joins #msx and #msxbr

by snout on 08-10-2002, 11:02
Topic: MRC

Albert Beevendorp, also known as BiFi, coded a new feature for the MSX Resource Center. MG-MRC stands for Metal Gear, MSX Resource Center and it's a MIRC-bot.With MIRC it's possible to chat on IRC-networks like Undernet. On Undernet you can find two popular channels where active MSX users gather: #msx and #msxbr.

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