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PSPMSX 1.5.1

by ant0niutti on 23-08-2009, 22:56
Topic: Emulation

A new version of PSPMSX, an fMSX port for the Sony PSP console, has been released.

Sunrise product update

by sunrise on 23-08-2009, 12:14
Topic: Hardware

It may not always be clear which Sunrise products are available and which aren't. While an updated Sunrise website is to be expected in the near future, the current one isn't up to date, and it can't always be used, for instance to order an MP3-player.

Nijmegen 2010 announced

by MSX Resource Center on 22-08-2009, 11:49
Topic: Events

With the discontinuation of Bussum, one of the traditional pure-MSX fairs in The Netherlands, the fair in Nijmegen is the only one left.

MSX Radio update

by Omega on 21-08-2009, 18:05
Topic: Music

Yesterday Omega has relaunced the MSX Radio station. The audio quality has been improved and the playlist has been renewed. More music is available now, including a few songs made by Omega for the Moonsound and some oldskool PSG classics.

5000 MRC accounts

by wolf_ on 19-08-2009, 14:56
Topic: MRC

Almost a year ago we celebrated forumpost 100.000, and concluded with the notion that the next important event would probably be MRC account 5000. Today is that day!

MiiSX 0.4

by ant0niutti on 18-08-2009, 14:28
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MiiSX has been released. Only uncompressed ROM and DSK files can be loaded, and there’s no keyboard implemented.

100% Music by STUFF

by wolf_ on 17-08-2009, 20:26
Topic: Music

During the preparations of the large FutureDisk newspost, one additional product by S.T.U.F.F. was made ready for release. As it isn't a FutureDisk, it just got its own spot in our downloads section.

FutureDisks added to downloads

by wolf_ on 17-08-2009, 01:23
Topic: Software

Back in the 90's, our MSX scene witnessed a number of 'me too' trends. It all started with the music revolution by way of FAC Soundtracker. Suddenly lots of people wanted to make a new tracker, partly because Soundtracker lacked a few essential features, but partly because it was just fun to do. Music disks followed and suddenly everyone was making a music disk.

MSX Solutions: Commando Quatro

by wolf_ on 15-08-2009, 11:35
Topic: Websites

Those who keep a close eye on only_69's maps will notice that he favors Spectrum conversions. Some of these conversions are colorful, others are monochrome but with excellent artwork nonetheless. That's the beauty of these maps, to see how game maps are built, which is excellent study material for game developers.

blueMSX 2.8.2

by dvik on 15-08-2009, 11:20
Topic: Emulation

A new version of blueMSX has been released.

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