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The 80s poll down, Pac-Man poll up

by wolf_ on 14-09-2009, 22:15
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Quite a while ago already we started a poll about what you miss the most from the 80's, apart from MSX. It's high time to seal this one and continue with a new poll. Before we hop on to the new poll question, let's have a look at the outcome of the 80's poll.

MSX users meeting in Argentina

by altaris on 13-09-2009, 10:32
Topic: Events

The members of the Argentinian MSX mailing list MSX Error 51 have organized a meeting called Meeting Primavera 2009 (MSX HardwareFest) on 3rd and 4th of October.

Mini Game Competition 2009 - 1KB results

by Yukio on 13-09-2009, 00:13
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The Mini Game Competition 2009 1KB category results are in. With only one entry, MSX wasn't well-presented, finishing far behind its brothers Spectrum and C64. Avião, one of the many mini games created by Yukio this summer, earned 12th place.

The showcase of the Japanese software house Winky Soft can't be labeled as big: only two games and one editor. One of these games has been partially translated into English and into French by -who else- Django.

Trading & Collecting to the frontpage

by wolf_ on 11-09-2009, 22:07
Topic: MRC

If you hadn't noticed yet, we've enriched our frontpage with the five most recent threads in the trading & collecting forum. Last week the MRC crew had a debate about bumping such trading threads. While we decided that endless bumping wasn't the thing we wanted to have, we also recognized the benefits of having exposure on the frontpage.

Bonami Retro Fair 2009

by wolf_ on 11-09-2009, 18:56
Topic: Events

With the discontinuation of the yearly MSX Fair in Bussum, autumn in The Netherlands suddenly shows some sort of a gap when it comes to MSX events. Or perhaps not!

MSX Solutions: new look

by wolf_ on 10-09-2009, 22:21
Topic: Websites

No, 'new look' isn't the latest map by only_69, in fact it's not a game at all. But his website has indeed gotten a new fresh look, and his maps have now been sorted by alphabet, which is highly convenient.

Bargain 8.40 added to downloads

by wolf_ on 07-09-2009, 15:10
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

We have added Bargain 8.40 to our ever growing freeware downloads section. Bargain is a lossless compression tool for MSX images in screen mode 5 up to 12. If you have any freeware material you'd wish to share with the world, you may consider our downloads section.

Está en la Caja

by hap on 07-09-2009, 13:08
Topic: Software

Está en la Caja (roughly translates to It's in the Box) is a new text adventure for MSX and Spectrum 48KB.

RELEVO Videogames update

by viejo_archivero on 05-09-2009, 11:54
Topic: Websites

The holidays are over, but despite having less free time for MSX, viejo_archivero's RELEVO Videogames keeps being as active as usual.

Thursday, El País, the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Spain, posted an ar

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