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Following this forum thread, a twelve-autumns-young English translation of the Daisenryaku II manual was added to our ever-growing maze of MSX downloads.


by Yukio on 27-11-2009, 17:51
Topic: Hardware

A short month ago, sharksym updated his MMC/SD BIOS, which brings it up to version 4.01. For more information regarding this release, refer to the thorough user's manual on his website.

Upgraders should be aware that the partition table from BIOS 3.xx is incompatible with the newest version, and will have to be reinstalled.

MSXdev'09 - #3 Cow Abductors

by viejo_archivero on 26-11-2009, 10:06
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

With a very small week to go, entries start creeping in now. Paxanga has come up with an unannounced entry: Cow Abductors. A modest game of 16KB that requires only 8KB RAM. Paxanga Soft is a veteran regarding game development, with games such as MSX Hot Numbers, Yupipati, Parachuteless Joe or the recent Cold Blood. This new game Cow Abductors follows the same fun/quality path.

36a RU MSX Barcelona reminder

by doraemonppc on 24-11-2009, 21:33
Topic: Events

Remember.. remember.. the 5th of December. MSX fans will conquer storm, lightning and rain, to visit RU 36a Barcelona, Spain! The place where games, MSX fans and new hardware will blend, and that's where the poetry should end. Jokes aside -the weather is more suitable for The Netherlands at the moment-, this RU in Barcelona is on course of becoming an interesting event once again.

Vampier's fly-throughs

by wolf_ on 23-11-2009, 12:04
Topic: Software

Vampier has uploaded six fly-throughs of MSX shooters to his YouTube page. Featured are all the main levels (not the bonus levels) including the demo cut scenes.

This month, the second issue of OLD!Gamer arrived in Brazil. This magazine is aimed at a number of old computer platforms, including MSX, and it's very famous in Brazil. This issue features MSX right away: Marcelo Tini, of MSX History was interviewed.

Woody Poco translation announced

by wolf_ on 21-11-2009, 18:49
Topic: Translations

DB-Soft's Woody Poco is a colorful adventure from 1987 that was virtually unplayable without any knowledge of the Japanese language. Tsunami Translations and Max Iwamoto have translated this game for you to enjoy, it will be released as an IPS-patch.

Nijmegen 2010 - registration opened

by wolf_ on 20-11-2009, 22:55
Topic: Events

In two months the fifth edition of the annual MSX Fair in Nijmegen will be held. It's the only major pure-MSX fair left in The Netherlands after the annual Bussum fair was discontinued. As of today, the registration form is online! Tables for this fair have a width of 1m40 and cost €7 each. Traditionally, the day will end in the nearby Chinese restaurant.

Franky instruction manual online

by Ivan on 18-11-2009, 20:01
Topic: Hardware

SuperSoniqs has put the first version of the instruction manual of Franky online.

MSXdev'09 - the final two weeks

by viejo_archivero on 16-11-2009, 19:04
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

In little over two weeks we'll be presented with the harvest of MSXdev'09, the yearly game programming contest that managed to break through after MSXdev'04 and was especially fruitful during MSXdev'05. You may recall from last year that there was an awful silence regarding the number of entries we would be seeing.. until that last evening when games kept coming and coming.

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