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paraMSX 0.48b

by hap on 27-02-2008, 21:20
Topic: Emulation

Almost four years after the previous release, Yeongman Seo brings us a new version of paraMSX.

The French website MSX Café has published an MSX utility of over 20 years old, made by French MSX users Patrice Auffret, Frédéric Hartard and Henri Frere. This program from 1987 converts given text to French speech using the Philips Music module.

fMSX Ported to Internet Tablets

by fms on 24-02-2008, 20:43
Topic: Emulation

Marat Fayzullin has just released an fMSX port for Nokia N800/N810 Internet tablets running Maemo OS2008. Note that the port is an early beta, so the author appreciates any comments about its stability and features. You will either need an N810 or a Bluetooth keyboard to use it.

Lonely Soldier by Hackurl

by snout on 23-02-2008, 16:48
Topic: Music

The japanese chiptune composer Hackurl has released a PSG remake of the song Lonely Soldier from the game Fantasm Soldier Valis.

Bargain 5.51

by snout on 23-02-2008, 15:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today, a new version of Bargain has been released. This new version fixes some minor issues and includes improved disk error handling.

Bargain is a lossless compression tool for MSX images in screen mode 5 upto 12. On the Bargain website, you can find the tool itself, the sources and a comparison of Bargain to other compression techniques and formats, such as LZH, GIF or MAG.

Best MSX demo ever megapoll [round 4]

by snout on 22-02-2008, 13:56
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

With the first round of one on one-voting done, a "too close to call" situation arose in our quest for the Best MSX demo ever. As a result, there are now still 26 (instead of the expected 24) demos running in our megapoll. You can help us determine which is the best MSX demo ever by submitting a votesheet in this forum topic.

MSX Taper 1.10

by wolf_ on 20-02-2008, 23:05
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of MSX Taper has just been released.

Metalion just released VRAM depacker routines for BitBuster v1.2 and Pletter v0.5b, which work on all MSX models. These direct VRAM depacker routines are a first release, as they work only on VRAM addresses up to $3FFF. New releases working on all the VRAM space are planned to be released in the next few weeks.

fMSX 3.5.1

by fms on 17-02-2008, 21:40
Topic: Emulation

Exactly one week after the release of fMSX 3.5, Marat Fayzullin brings us fMSX 3.5.1. This minor update fixes an fMSX-Unix memory corruption bug found by cax.

MSX Posse has published yet another video from Kier Kracht's massive MSX video collection. This time, the video is about a club meeting from MSX Club Friesland-Noord, held in 1993.

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