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A patch revision for this MSX2 game by Momonoki House.

Bernie Sanders appears in Leather skirts

by ro on 25-01-2021, 11:45
Topic: Software

MSX and the Bernie Sanders Meme...

Shoot your way to your copy!

The annual Nijmegen MSX fair has been postponed to July 3rd, 2021.

Another game game gets the MSX Translations treatment.

This online magazine is back again with the 10th issue.

Japanese creator of Techno soft's Herzog looks back at his MSX career.

Time to celebrate the most successful MSX image host

New translation patch for one of the best MSX2 games ever.


by hamlet on 09-01-2021, 18:51
Topic: Development
Tags: dos, file, Nextor

Are you well versed in the ancient art of makefiles?

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