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Can you solve this mystery?

Kimo-hachi, a hand-made MSX

by ro on 28-06-2018, 08:41
Topic: Hardware

A Japanese engineer built a home-made MSX computer with hard wired general chips.

Updates on 萌SX by TNI

by syn on 28-06-2018, 00:59
Topic: Hardware

What's going on with this project about next generation MSX standard?

Old New Stock still lives. And it will go on. Next up: Synthe Sector #2

Everybody is invited to participate

Those who missed it get another chance

Francisco Téllez de Meneses is currently working on a new production called Prisoner of War.

Submitted downloads for May 2018

by ro on 01-06-2018, 14:38
Topic: MRC

See what has been uploaded to the MRC software database last month.