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Pixel Polizei is out

by Marq on 20-05-2016, 19:33
Topic: Development
Tags: graphics

Pixel Polizei, the retro artist's friend is now out.

Caslink3 project released

by Alexey on 20-05-2016, 19:24
Topic: Hardware
Tags: caslink

Caslink version 3, the project that allows you to simulate a cassette recorder interface to load software on an MSX without disk drive, is out.

CheatMSX and MrHydragon updates

by syn on 19-05-2016, 16:20
Topic: Websites

New gameplay videos, maps and cheats for various games!

A petition against software piracy, from the Brazilian MSX community.

TNI announces 萌SX

by snout on 05-05-2016, 23:03
Topic: MSX Revival
Tags: 萌SX, TNI

TNI announces 萌SX, an R&D project for the next generation of MSX.

TheMysteryStudios released a new remake in his "A tribute to MSX" project.

Rune Monster, new game by Kai Magazine

by Pac on 05-05-2016, 17:26 translated by Pac
Topic: Software
Tags: Kai Magazine

Throw the dice and good luck!

Magical Tree BGM: O Vreneli

by KdL on 05-05-2016, 14:33
Topic: Challenges

The BGM of Konami's Magical Tree turns out to be a Swiss folk song called O Vreneli

Having a hard time coding a platform game? Here's a possible solution!

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