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MSXpro updates

by sd_snatcher on 28-10-2015, 06:00
Topic: Hardware

MSXpro got a lot of updates. Be sure to check them out!

An MSX classic beaten in under half an hour through the wonder of Tool Assisted Speedrun

RicBit's MSX Vault

by ricbit on 28-10-2015, 05:26
Topic: Websites

A treasury of interesting stuff

Thirteen years later another batch of 21 units is available.

Sometimes it's nice to hear people play it live.

SofaUnZip 1.0b released

by Louthrax on 27-10-2015, 02:44
Topic: Development

SofaUnZip is an unzipper for MSX supporting DEFLATE and STORE methods, with support for directories and long file names.

Bubble Bobble replay by Hydragon

by syn on 25-10-2015, 00:44
Topic: Software

A replay of Bubble Bobble on MSX 2.

TuNzIp v0.91 released

by syn on 24-10-2015, 21:42
Topic: Software

An update with bugfixes and speed improvement.

A new means to copy and edit (protected) disks and disk images

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