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The first part of an in-depth video on the history of MSX, created by artist Ollie Longz

MSXpro updates

by sd_snatcher on 26-07-2015, 17:54
Topic: Websites

Brazilian MSX site gets updated with a new set of stickers restoring cartridges, an improved article on how to expand a DDX MegaRAM disk to 2MB and a DIY explanation on how to retrofit a normal 3.5" drive to replace a double-height drive as used in the Leaopard external fdd.

The sources of a promising yet unfinished have been released to the public! Fast paced action, amazing graphics and sound for a game that would have been epic. c. Enjoy what we've got!

The biggest music collection for MoonSound is now available for download and for you to enjoy.

Who Dares Wins - MSX2 remake announced

by Pac on 18-07-2015, 23:57
Topic: Software
Tags: Remake

A new promising game remake for MSX2.

TuNzIp v0.9 released

by syn on 16-07-2015, 00:07
Topic: Software

Extract modern ZIP files on your MSX fast and easily!

Food for the Dutch "joystick-wiebelaars"

VGMPlay for MSX 1.1 released

by Grauw on 10-07-2015, 22:34
Topic: Music
Tags: grauw, vgm, vgmplay

Grauw released an update for the VGM music player for MSX.

Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death announced

by Pac on 04-07-2015, 15:56
Topic: Software
Tags: game

José Vila is developing this promising game port for our MSX computers.

SymbOS 3.0 beta release

by edoz on 01-07-2015, 23:10
Topic: Software

SymbOS 3.0 beta release

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