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VGMPlay for MSX 1.0 released

by Grauw on 21-03-2015, 22:11
Topic: Music
Tags: grauw, vgm, vgmplay

Grauw releases a VGM player for MSX that supports all sound chips available for MSX.

Back to Basics UK Retro Event

by Jorito on 19-03-2015, 23:11
Topic: Events

Valkyre and Fernando represent the MSX in the Swannington, UK retro event.

Defdanny's software treasures

by Jorito on 19-03-2015, 22:04
Topic: Software

defdanny rediscovered his MSX software and shares it with the community.

The results of this music compo, now on your MSX

Yes, finally it's here: Nextor with support for floppy disk emulation!

Demon Videogames released a well polished remake of Knightmare.

Chip artist Tappy released a new album featuring MSX on some tracks.


by Pac on 09-03-2015, 10:57
Topic: Software
Tags: game

Next June 27th the MSX AREA magazine will release a new game for MSX2 in cartridge format called BOOMING BOY.

A fresh retro feeling.

TNI's PlaySoniq Toolset is updated, SMSSAVE saves Sega Master System gamestate data.

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