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Kai Magazine announce their Facebook page with unreleased artwork and snapshots.

Contra - Waterfall by Jorito

by snout on 16-07-2014, 21:39
Topic: Music
Tags: Contra, Konami

Jorito releases an orchestral arrangement with a solid rock base of the "Waterfall" level song from Konami's Contra.

Se ei käy demo released

by Jorito on 16-07-2014, 20:08
Topic: Events

NYYRIKKI released the "Se ei käy" demo for MSX turboR that was presented at the "Just se viikonloppu ei käy 2014" demo party.

Mars2000you delivers 125 'new' stages for Eggerland Mystery.

New private beta release of MS²

by syn on 15-07-2014, 15:08
Topic: Software

A new private beta version of MoonSound Music Studio, a music editor for MoonSound & compatibles, has been released

A second #msxdev Compo entry has been announced!

The first entry of #msxdev Compo 2014 is a not-so-pointless fighting game for our beloved MSX2!


by Pac on 08-07-2014, 18:00
Topic: Software
Tags: RS-232

A communication program that enables us to load files in our MSX computers from a PC through a serial cable.

#msxdev Compo 2014: A reminder

by syn on 08-07-2014, 13:10
Topic: Challenges

Reminding you about the MSX competition without limitations.

The results of this year's edition of MSXdev are in! Pretty Kingdom takes the first prize.

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