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Complete map of Eggerland 2

by mars2000you on 26-06-2014, 14:46
Topic: Software
Tags: Eggerland, HAL, Maps

Do you want to know all the secrets of Eggerland 2? Here's the complete map!

An intruiging and entertaining mix of classic Gradius and puzzle elements.

MSXdev'14 #9 - CMJN

by JohnHassink on 16-06-2014, 08:59
Topic: Software

nitrofurano contributes with an experimental, isometric game.

MSXdev'14 #8 - Destroyer

by JohnHassink on 15-06-2014, 17:59
Topic: Software

CEZ/RW joins the competition with a port of Destroyer, a 1980 arcade shooter.

Impulse9 enter MSXdev'14 with an arcade game in which you help Gorgeous Gemma to clean the planet Xenium from radioactive waste.

Dioniso's entry to MSXdev is a puzzle/action game called ZERO and the castle of infinite sadness. Clean every room of the castle from evil forces, starting from the the top and going down to the base. Sounds simple enough, right?

MSXdev'14 #5 - Pretty Kingdom

by snout on 15-06-2014, 13:48
Topic: Challenges
Tags: nerlaska, MSXdev

Nerlaska enter MSXdev'14 with Pretty Kingdom, a puzzle game reminiscent of Eggerland, Skooter and Pixess

Trilobyte teamed up with Toni Galvez to create an MSX port of the fast-paced C64 shooter Uridium - the fourth entry to MSXdev'14.

MSXdev'14 #3 - Libreway

by snout on 15-06-2014, 13:29
Topic: Software

The third MSXdev'14 entry is an adaptation of Atari 2600 classic Freeway.

MSXdev'14 #2 - Jawbreaker II

by snout on 15-06-2014, 13:09
Topic: Software

The second entry to MSXdev'14 is an MSX adaptation of the TI99/4A version of Sierra's Jawbreaker II by Maggoo.

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