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Nextor 2.0 final released

by konamiman on 12-02-2014, 14:42
Topic: Software
Tags: Nextor

Nextor, the disk operating system for MSX computers built upon the source code of MSX-DOS, has finally gone out of beta: Konamiman has just released the final version of Nextor 2.0.

The list of entries keeps on growing. Jorito chose Runemaster 3 as his second entry.

Number eight is in. FranSX chose a game from Spain.

And yet again a fresh entry to the Game Music Cover Challenge. This time it's Low Profile's turn.

Number six is in. A Nemesis cover you'd least expect.

TriloTracker 0.7.2

by Huey on 02-02-2014, 15:16
Topic: Development

Yet another Trilotracker release with important bug fixes and nice new features available for download on the TT Wiki.

Destroy the Core! surprises us with a classic synth version of the main theme from Illusion City.

MSX trivial dropbox comes to life again after having stopped working due to a change in the Dropbox API. Also, owners of a DenyoNet card get a new BIOS version. All of this, of course, in Konamiman's MSX page.

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