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MSX screen remakes and demakes: what if that game was done to MSX1/2/2+ instead of the original platform? How would have been the intro screen?

L!T did it again! They won 1st place with their MSX demo "Atsarias" in the combined intro competition at AltParty 2013.

West Side Trio plays MSX - Playlist

by snout on 20-10-2013, 11:15
Topic: Events

West Side Trio have announced the songs they will perform during TYME, an event celebrating 30 years of MSX - held on November 23rd in the Dokzaal in Amsterdam.

The classic retro game Elite, released on MSX in 1987, is getting a PC/Mac remake in 2014. Trailer time!

SCMD tracks by ym2413sound

by snout on 20-10-2013, 10:48
Topic: Music
Tags: ym2413sound, SCMD

ym2413 released several tracks using a multitude of MSX soundchips on Soundcloud for you to enjoy

More information regarding the MSX2+ Anniversary Party is revealed

With less than 7 weeks until the #msxdev Compo 2013 registration deadline, Nitrofurano announces "Nothing Thing"

The Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake English translation has received an update.

The MSXdev'14 is on fire! Now announcing Pakupaku no Daibouken, another one from Relevo!

Here we have another announced entry: Gamecast's Buster Mystery!

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