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MSXdev'14 - CMJN announced

by JohnHassink on 31-10-2013, 16:02
Topic: Challenges

An isometric shooter in the vein of Viewpoint and Zaxxon

Impulse9 returns with a Boulderdash style game

MSXblue webmaster mars2000you has something strange in store for us

MSXdev'14 - 4e announced

by JohnHassink on 31-10-2013, 15:57
Topic: Challenges
Tags: 303bcn, 4e, MSXdev

303bcn promises us a mix of platforming and adventure

GameCast is on a roll with another announcement

Thirty Years MSX Event (TYME) will take place on November 23rd 2013 in the Dokzaal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

MSX cartridge model for 3D printers

by NYYRIKKI on 29-10-2013, 12:01
Topic: Hardware

Affordable small batches of MSX Cartridges are now possible thanks to 3D printing technology.

TNI releases PSQTOOLS for PlaySoniq

by Sander on 27-10-2013, 18:18
Topic: Software

BiFi of TNI gives us new tools for SuperSoniq's PlaySoniq!

Ratiofix! v1.0

by KdL on 26-10-2013, 19:11
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

KdL just released Ratiofix, a monoscope that helps you improve your displays' image quality.

Another project joining the MSXdev'14: Pretty Kingdom from Nerlaska Studio!

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