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MSXdev'13 voting opened

by nanochess on 25-06-2013, 18:30
Topic: Challenges
Tags: MSXdev

The MSXdev competition of 2013 closed with 6 entries. Now it is up to you to decide which game will win the contest and € 333,- in prize money.


by snout on 25-06-2013, 18:22
Topic: Software

Following the release of IDE BIOS 2.50 for Sunrise IDE interfaces, an adapted version for CIEL IDE interfaces was released as well.

MSXPró have published an article on how to turn the Terasic Altera DE0 into a One Chip MSX.

MIDI Interface 3

by snout on 25-06-2013, 18:07
Topic: Hardware
Tags: Painkilla, MIDI

Painkilla developed an FS-A1-GT compatible MSX MIDI Interface based on a design of M. Fujimoto

MSX will celebrate its 30th anniversary on June 27th 2013. In order to celebrate this milestone, #msxdev organize a get-together in Amsterdam.

Relevo Videogames is to contribute to the #msxdev Compo 2013 with Super Prehistoric Quest, a side-scrolling platform game for MSX2 with Malaika as the protagonist.

Arabic Land by Gamecast Entertainment is the first announced entry to #msxdev Compo 2013.

MSXdev'13 #6 - Slender: The Camping

by snout on 16-06-2013, 13:41
Topic: Challenges
Tags: RELEVO, MSXdev

The popular first person horror game Slender found its way to MSX in the shape of a maze game by Pentacour.

MSXdev'13 #5 - Malaika

by snout on 16-06-2013, 13:36
Topic: Challenges
Tags: RELEVO, MSXdev

Relevo Videogames released Malaika, the highly anticipated sequel to MSXdev'06 entry Malaika: Prehistoric Quest. This time, it's a platform game it's a platform game in the shape of such classics as Bubble Bobble.

MSXdev'13 #4 - Stan, the Dreamer

by snout on 16-06-2013, 13:29
Topic: Software

A point-and-click adventure for MSX! The Pets Mode's entry to the MSXdev'13 competition makes it happen!

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