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openMSX Daily Builds for Dingux

by FiXato on 17-11-2012, 22:58
Topic: Websites
Tags: openMSX

The openMSX Daily Builds website started offering Dingux builds of the openMSX emulator for the Dingo A-320.

Registration for the Nijmegen MSX fair 2013 has opened today.

BlueMSX databases updated

by nanochess on 17-11-2012, 21:02
Topic: Emulation
Tags: blueMSX

For the first time since 2009 the software databases for BlueMSX have been updated, including new data for MSX, Colecovision and Sega games.

MSX.emu 1.5.2

by snout on 14-11-2012, 20:10
Topic: Emulation

Version 1.5.2 of MSX.emu, the BlueMSX-based emulator for Android, iOS and WebOS has been released.

Karateka Remake

by Meits on 14-11-2012, 19:56
Topic: Remakes
Tags: Gamart, Karateka

Gamart's 1990 martial arts game Karateka gets a remake on X-Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

openMSX for Android progress

by Alex on 14-11-2012, 19:45
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, openMSX

The openMSX for Android project announces a working alpha version and a demo video.

In Tenliner entry 9, Shuriken, you are a vengeful ninja on a suicide mission invading the enemy fortress.

Mutate is an MSX-BASIC tenliner tool that rewrites itself every time you run it, as a biological self evolving program.

In Tenliner entry 7 you are a lifeguard with a water scooter and a mission to rescue drowning tourists.

Gokivader is an MSX port of the PC-6001 action game, made by Tenliner jury member fukenko.

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