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If there still was an MSX in the media challenge, this would be a nice contribution

blueMSX cheat database update

by snout on 10-10-2012, 15:41
Topic: Emulation

Cheat your way through 900 MSX games with this massive collection of cheats for blueMSX!

MSXRio October 2012 - reminder

by snout on 10-10-2012, 15:36
Topic: Events
Tags: MSXRio

The third and last MSXRio user meeting of the year 2012 will be held on 12 and 13 October 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

MRC Tenliner Challenge

by snout on 08-10-2012, 21:03
Topic: Challenges

What can you do in 10 lines of MSX-BASIC? Demonstrate your skills and show the world how fun coding in BASIC can be and join the MRC Tenliner Challenge.

Yet another version of the intro of Konami's Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake.

Project Orbit - PCB update

by Jorito on 06-10-2012, 10:59
Topic: Hardware
Tags: Orbit, Worp3

WORP3 adds the first 3 assembled PCB boards to Project Orbit.

Xanadu map

by snout on 05-10-2012, 16:55
Topic: Media
Tags: Maps, Falcom, Xanadu

Fukenko created a complete map of Xanadu (Dragon Slayer II, Falcom, 1987)

Zaxxon Escape

by Samor on 05-10-2012, 16:33
Topic: MSX Related

Zaxxon Escape is SEGA's Android/iOS sequel to Zaxxon. In Zaxxon Escape, you need to escape the fortress that you infiltrated about 30 years ago.

Rock'n Roller added to downloads

by snout on 04-10-2012, 08:23
Topic: Software
Tags: Games, Kaeru Soft

Rock'n Roller is a multiplayer area-occupying action game for MSX1, published in POPCOM Magazine by Kaeru soft in 1988.

GrooveSX Live! v0.04b

by snout on 04-10-2012, 07:01
Topic: Software
Tags: GrooveSX, Aorante

GrooveSX is Groovebox for MSX. Perform live music with 2xPSG and 1xSCC in this free trial.

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