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MSX World website launched

by supmsx on 04-05-2012, 18:02
Topic: Websites

MSX World is a website about MSX, which mainly contains information about (and pictures of) MSX software and hardware.

Battle for Asciion

by snout on 04-05-2012, 14:32
Topic: MSX Related

Relevo Videogames offers us an online ASCII-art game that breathes pure MSX and Gradius spirit!

MSX.emu 1.4.27

by snout on 04-05-2012, 14:08
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MSX.emu, a blueMSX-based MSX emulator for Android has been released. The latest version drastically improves bluetooth functionality for external controllers such as a Wii Classic Controller or a Nunchuck.

fMSX/Android 3.5.26

by snout on 04-05-2012, 13:44
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, fMSX

A new version of fMSX, an MSX emulator for Android, has been released. New in this version is frame skip control, improved virtual joystick and better support for the Sony Xperia Play.

Xak - The Tower of Gazzel - map update

by wolf_ on 03-05-2012, 12:02
Topic: Media
Tags: Maps, Xak

A great map, now even greater; the Xak the Tower of Gazzel map now shows items.

MRC Download Charts - April 2012

by snout on 01-05-2012, 15:07
Topic: MRC

In April 2012, the Kralizec games and Xak Tower of Gazzel Map dominate the download charts!

MSX is a musical machine, and three entries show unconventional ways to prove this.

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