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MSX MuSiCa songs on J-Ken

by snout on 09-05-2012, 17:48
Topic: Music

A Japanese composer has published MSX versions of songs from Japanese Anime series "Chibi Maruko-Chan" and "Nadia,The Secret of Blue Water" on J-Ken, the largest ringtone download website of Japan. All tracks were composed for MSX-MUSIC and PSG in the MML utility MuSiCa.

King Kong 2 Spanish – v2

by snout on 09-05-2012, 16:54
Topic: Translations

In an updated version of the Spanish translation of Konami's RPG King Kong 2, the intro screen has been translated to Spanish as well.

Sprite x Xevious

by snout on 08-05-2012, 12:05
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Xevious, Namco, Zemina

Coca Cola are promoting their soft drink "Sprite" with a special edition of Xevious, the classic shooter from Namco.

King Kong 2 - Spanish

by snout on 08-05-2012, 11:34
Topic: Translations

Pablibiris has released a Spanish translation of Konami's movie-themed RPG King Kong 2.

Dutch composer Meits rearranged the track "Advance Immediately" from Konami's Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, using an adapted version of Moonblaster Wave, a Roland JV1080 and XV5050.

La Mulana, the MSX and Konami flavored platform game for WiiWare was canceled by its publisher. European and American fans of this great game are left empty-handed.

Genesis: Dawn of a new day

by snout on 07-05-2012, 16:42
Topic: Software

Genesis: dawn of a new day is a new, freely downloadable shooter game for MSX. A cartridge version of the game is available as well. The game was developed by Retroworks, and originally released for ZX-Spectrum in 2010.

fMSX/Android 3.5.27

by snout on 07-05-2012, 16:39
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, fMSX

This new version of fMSX, an MSX emulator for Android, adds the option to assign diagonal buttons and makes tactile feedback strength configurable.

Majikazo, the popular 2007 action game from Lemonize/Kralizec has been ported from MSX to ZX-Spectrum.

Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake - Intro

by wolf_ on 05-05-2012, 22:12
Topic: Music

A brand new track by Meits; Konami's Solid Snake intro, that so many composers tackled before.

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