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After bringing us well-edited video reviews on Penguin Adventure, Metal Gear and Vampire Killer compared to Castlevania, it was only a matter of time

MSX report on UOL Jogos

by snout on 05-07-2011, 21:20
Topic: Media

Memorating the 28th anniversary of MSX, the popular Brazilian games blog UOL Jogos have published a report on the history of MSX - mentioning its relevance to contemporary gaming.

Estland Campaign - English

by snout on 05-07-2011, 20:44
Topic: Translations

As you might have noticed already, we're catching up with recent Django translations.

One of the so-called Django-translations we have previously overlooked has just been improved by Ti Dragon of the French romhacking group T.R.A.F..

Let's take the A-Train English

by snout on 05-07-2011, 20:30
Topic: Translations

Without a doubt, DJANGO is one of the most active game translators in the MSX community. Recently, he translated Let's take the A-Train to English.


by snout on 05-07-2011, 20:17
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

The all-screen-mode image compression toolkit BARGAIN as received yet another update, stepping up to version 14.

MRC Download Charts - June 2011

by snout on 05-07-2011, 20:08
Topic: MRC

With so much nice news on our frontpage it's almost a shame to push it al

MSX Solutions: Star Bowls

by JohnHassink on 04-07-2011, 02:45
Topic: Websites

The ever-expanding shrine of maps, known as MSX Solutions seems to be on a roll once more.

After a lot of hard work, combined with efforts from the MSX community, Brazilian MSX fan sd_snatcher offers his latest work to the community: enhancement patches for Konami's classic puzzle platform game

MSX Solutions: Nuclear Bowls

by JohnHassink on 01-07-2011, 14:01
Topic: Websites

The game Nuclear Bowls allows you to be a cute robot attempting to prevent a nuclear catastrophy. Those who ever played it know it's not quite easy. Once again, MSX Solutions comes to our aid.

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