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Django has updated his english translation of the role playing game Crimson II, originally released in 1989 by XtalSoft. Both Yoshifuji and fukenko have helped Django with this third version of the translation.

Penguin Adventure - YouTube review

by snout on 13-04-2011, 13:00
Topic: Websites

Last month, Strafefox caught our attention with his Maze of Galious review. Earlier this week he issued a second MSX game review in the same nicely edited style.

MSX Game Music Remixes by animator75

by snout on 13-04-2011, 12:44
Topic: Music

In this forum topic, MRC member animator75 informed us about several nice game music remixes, accompanied by some nice video clips.

OCM-EXTRA Pack 1.0

by KdL on 13-04-2011, 08:59
Topic: MSX Revival

Following the release of OCM-PLD Pack 2.4 a set of utilities has been released and combined in a package called OCM-EXTRA. The initial release contains utilities to change CPU speed, slot mode, keyboard layout and includes a demonstration of the new lights mode.

OCM-PLD Pack 2.4

by KdL on 13-04-2011, 08:54
Topic: MSX Revival

A new version of the OCM-PLD Pack has just been released by KdL.

TASvideos: canceled Usas entry video

by wolf_ on 11-04-2011, 21:41
Topic: Software

Wanna see something insane? There's a TAS of Usas afoot, which got canceled recently due to the discovery of a tactical mistake. Vampier has made a video of the omr file (the 'replay data' you can feed into openMSX) to enable us to see what actually got canceled.

MSXdev11: #1 PWND 2

by wolf_ on 11-04-2011, 00:55
Topic: Software

The first finished entry is in! It's a sequel to Vampier's earlier PWND - Of je worst lust, his entry for MSXdev'08. Back then he wanted to prove that one could create a game in MSX-BASIC in only a few days, today he proves that he can do the same thing again, but then using Assembler!

Karoshi's unfinished projects

by JohnHassink on 10-04-2011, 13:47
Topic: Development

Jon Cortázar (viejo_archivero), previously known as a member of the development team Karoshi Corporation and currently the driving force behind

DOS2 banking library for Hitech-C

by snout on 08-04-2011, 15:33
Topic: Development

Sharksym appears to be working on a nice selection of Hitech-C libraries that will make the life of novice (and/or lazy) MSX developers a lot easier.

The Korean MSX developer Sharksym has released a demonstration game of his recently announced Graphic Library for Hitech-C.

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