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Battle Bomber 1.0 added to downloads

by wolf_ on 14-12-2010, 00:22
Topic: Software

We just added Battle Bomber to our ever growing freeware downloads database. GNF, from BitBoyz, is one of the long time MSX coders in the Dutch scene who still happens to be reasonably active.

MSXdev10 - HSA announced

by wolf_ on 13-12-2010, 23:27
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

You may recall last year's last minute rush. One moment there were barely any entries, and suddenly, within a day, you end up with a multiple of what you had a day before. So far, there haven't been signs that things are going to be any different this year.

MSX Resource Center server migration

by snout on 13-12-2010, 21:21
Topic: MRC

Today, we moved the MSX Resource Center to a brand new web server! As we speak DNS servers around the world are starting to point to the new server - a process that should be completed within the next 24 hours. As the database of the website has already been running from the new webserver for over a week, will keep up and running throughout the entire process.

While Brazilian map maker only_69 was working on screenshots for the BlueMSX launcher, he also released another map on his website: Pitfall 2 – Lost Caverns.

Manuel Bilderbeek pointed us to this recently released book on openMSX that can be ordered at

Source Gamesetwatch

Next week, Kojima Productions and Konami are to release the stereoscopic 3D game Metal Gear Arcade in various arcade halls across Jap

msxDS 0.87

by snout on 11-12-2010, 19:36
Topic: Emulation

A new version of msxDS, an MSX1/2/2+ emulator for Nintendo DS has just been released.

Last weekend, AAMSX held the 38th reunion of MSX Users in Barcelona, Spain. It was a nice and crowded meeting where many active MSX groups showcased their latest developments.

Batman remake

by snout on 09-12-2010, 15:10
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

In 1986, Ocean Software released the very first Batman video game for several 8bit home computer systems, including MSX.

Ultimate MSX Game Character Battle Brawl [round 2]

by snout on 08-12-2010, 00:00
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

And on we go with the second round of voting in the Ultimate MSX Game Character Battle Brawl! In this massive mega-poll, no less than 296 different MSX game characters are competing for a place in the one-on-one tournament that is to start in round 3. At this point, all the nominees are still in the race.

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