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Franky Development Tools

by hap on 19-01-2010, 16:04
Topic: Development

Franky, the external Sega Master System VDP cartridge by SuperSoniqs, is steadily getting more attention from developers. Yesterday, BiFi opened up a new section on his homepage with Franky mode 4 tools, to encourage development.

SD Snatcher video

by wolf_ on 17-01-2010, 22:14
Topic: Software

Certainly one of the best MSX games, maybe even the best one. There has been a complete SD Snatcher video on youtube for over two years already, but obviously with 2007 quality. Vampier, one of the few MSX game video providers at this moment, has just finished uploading the final part of his own SD Snatcher video.

Deep Dungeon Adventure SCC enhanced

by JohnHassink on 17-01-2010, 19:07
Topic: Music

Matra has released a Shockware cartridge version of Deep Dungeon Adventure. As a bonus to celebrate this, DemonSeed made a reworked version of the game's "Descending Theme".

Deep Dungeon Adventure Shockware

by hap on 17-01-2010, 16:12
Topic: Software

Deep Dungeon Adventure, an improved version of the MSXdev'08 winning game Deep Dungeon by Trilobyte (ARTRAG, Huey, DemonSeed

Game videos

by wolf_ on 17-01-2010, 13:50
Topic: Software

How many game videos will 2010 bring us? Would 50 be a safe bet? People like Vampier and Hydragon are already doing their part, and now FiXato has joined the parade.

Philips Music Module Expander available

by hap on 15-01-2010, 22:18
Topic: Hardware

Back in 2005, MSX users around the world were very excited about FRS improving the Philips Music Module BIOS and publishing upgrade schematics.

R-Type Improvement Addition

by hap on 10-01-2010, 15:09
Topic: Software

Irem's R-Type, a fine shooter regarded by some MSXers as a cheap Gradius ripoff, originally only sang MSX-MUSIC if it detected an FM-PAC cartridge.

Reserving Sunrise hardware

by wolf_ on 10-01-2010, 00:00
Topic: Events

As you may have noticed, Sunrise will bring quite a bunch of hardware and software to the MSX Fair in Nijmegen, two weeks from now. It may not be possible for Sunrise to bring epic quantities of every product though.

MVM auction 2010

by wolf_ on 09-01-2010, 18:40
Topic: Events

The biggest and still active Dutch local computer club MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg will organize their annual MSX auction next month. During this 16th edition of the auction you can sell or bid on all kinds of MSX articles, and the entire profit goes to the seller. There's no need to register upfront, you can just visit with your MSX goods and put them up for auction at no cost.

Cow Abductors SP1

by hap on 06-01-2010, 16:33
Topic: Software

Mooh is good, Baah is bad, that's the motto of the aliens in Paxanga Soft's Cow Abductors. Cow Abductors, the MSX1 cow snatching game that received a nice 65% score on MSXdev'09, was recently updated as you may have read on our forum earlier today.

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