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Perfect Fit

by MsxKun on 29-09-2008, 10:34
Topic: Software

MsxKun surprises the MSX world with a new free puzzle game: Perfect Fit! It's a puzzle game based on a GP2X game by Akuma no Houkon. In this game you get to move boxes to a spot with a corresponding color, at first sight it may look a bit like Sokoban.

Donations for this annual contest keep coming in. The organizers have announced that due an extra €50, the main prize has increased to €250, and perhaps this number may still grow in the next months! Responsible for these new donations are Latok and Fernando Manuel García García!

The MSXdev'08 contest has an open sponsorship structure.

It's been a while since we've heard any MSXdev news, perhaps all these game developers were on holiday during the summer? Anyway, as the months keep going on, the deadline comes closer. While the deadline is in 2009, the final game developing months go faster than the first ones!

Bomb Jack for MSX1 patch

by hap on 28-09-2008, 22:53
Topic: Software

Since the SG-1000 and ColecoVision hardware is similar to that of the MSX, converting games from these systems to MSX doesn't cost too much effort. One very particular SG-1000 game is Sega's SG-1000 console port of Bomb Jack.

Bussum 2008 Photoshoot on MSX Posse

by wolf_ on 28-09-2008, 21:38
Topic: Photo shoots

Yesterday, the annual Bussum fair took place. MALZ has taken a number of photos, which have been made available on MSX Posse, enabling you to get an impression of the day.

Bussum 2008 Realtime Article

by Haohmaru on 28-09-2008, 17:04
Topic: Events

Yesterday, BodyHammeR went to the Bussum 2008 MSX Meeting and wrote a Realtime Article around it. The article contains a small impression of the fair and the moments before and after it.

Bonami Retro fair - Reminder

by [D-Tail] on 28-09-2008, 14:20
Topic: Events

Next week, on Sunday October 5th, the Bonami Retro fair will be held in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

fMSX v3.5.1 for Mac OS X

by AuroraMSX on 27-09-2008, 22:09
Topic: Emulation

Richard Bannister has released a new version of fMSX for Mac OS X as well as an updated version of his Emulator Enhancer.

Phantasie 1 - Django's map added

by wolf_ on 26-09-2008, 10:46
Topic: Software

Passion MSX has updated one of their goodies, Phantasie 1, with a map, made by Django. Phantasie 1 is an RPG, released in 1988 by SSI.

Partial Gandhara translation

by wolf_ on 26-09-2008, 10:33
Topic: Translations

Passion MSX has published a new partial translation by Django: Gandhara. This is an MSX2 RPG from 1988, made by Enix.

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