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Puzzle Editor for QBIQS

by Sonic_aka_T on 31-08-2008, 18:22
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Z80ST Software is working on a game for MSX1 called QBIQS which is based on Quarth, the well-known puzzle/action game released by Konami for MSX2 and other platforms in the late eighties/early nineties. QBIQS has a smooth scroll, much better than the one of Block Hole, a Quarth clone made by Zemina for MSX1 in 1990.

Now Z80ST Software has released an online Puzzle Editor for QBIQS.

HispaMSX BBS upgraded

by karloch on 31-08-2008, 02:12
Topic: Websites

After being off line for a week due to hardware upgrade and general maintenance, the HispaMSX BBS is back online. HispaMSX BBS is a TCP/IP based BBS dedicated to MSX, intended for use with a telnet client. A real MSX can connect through RS232 or ObsoNet. It also host the HispaMSX filebase.

meisei 1.2

by wolf_ on 31-08-2008, 01:54
Topic: Emulation

Anno 2008, common emulators like openMSX and BlueMSX are seriously powerful and complete. They aim to emulate the MSX and its extensions as detailed as they can, and thus using these emulators can give you the impression of fully using your real MSX.

MGS5 mentioned

by wolf_ on 29-08-2008, 11:47
Topic: MSX Related

Gaming website Kotaku has published an interview with former Kojima Productions assistant producer Ryan Payton. The interview contains information about Ryan's experience working at Kojima Productions.

MSX Fair Nijmegen 2009 announced

by wolf_ on 29-08-2008, 00:24
Topic: Events

The website for the Nijmegen Fair 2009 is up! This will be the fourth time this fair will be held since its start in 2006 when it took over the role of the former Oss fairs.

Pinky Ponky 3 article at Passion MSX

by wolf_ on 28-08-2008, 21:12
Topic: Websites

With the addition of an article about Pinky Ponky 3, the whole trilogy of Elf's Pinky Ponky adult games has now been covered at Passion MSX.

Pinky Ponky 2 article at Passion MSX

by wolf_ on 26-08-2008, 17:41
Topic: Websites

Only days after the news of the first Pinky Ponky, the second Pinky Ponky bangs the door.

Pinky Ponky 1 article at Passion MSX

by wolf_ on 24-08-2008, 15:47
Topic: Websites

Passion MSX has published a new entry in their steady stream of game articles. This new entry is about the adult MSX2 game Pinky Ponky 1, released by Elf co. in 1989.

MSX Radio at Passion MSX

by wolf_ on 22-08-2008, 19:41
Topic: Websites

The English-French website Passion MSX has added a radio section into their sidebar.


by AuroraMSX on 17-08-2008, 16:40
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

At the MSX Info Update 2008, Alexey Podrezov released CasLink2, the successor to CasLink. CasLink2 is a tool which allows you to upload programs and data from your PC to your MSX via the cassette interface; a very convenient option for those who own an MSX without disk drive.

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