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MSX Screen Conversor 0.8

by Ivan on 25-03-2007, 19:58
Topic: Development

Rafael Jannone released a new version of MSX Screen Conversor - an online toolkit to convert JPG, PNG and GIF files from up to 400kb to SCREEN 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12.

MP3 cartridge for MSX - Price announced

by Ivan on 25-03-2007, 13:50
Topic: Hardware

Three days ago Jos van den Biggelaar (a.k.a.

bgMSX, a site dedicated to MSX music that currently contains more than 1,100 songs from various MSX software, has been recently updated with songs from NOP's demo Unknown Reality (music composed by Compjoetania) and

PSPMSX 1.1.0

by Ivan on 24-03-2007, 16:26
Topic: Emulation

Last week was released a new edition of PSPMSX, an MSX emulator for Sony PSP.

MESS 0.113

by Ivan on 24-03-2007, 15:04
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System based on MAME, was released three weeks ago. As usual, this version incorporates all changes which were made to the latest version of MAME and some emulation specific changes.

MadriSX & Retro 2007 photo shoots

by Ivan on 24-03-2007, 12:15
Topic: Photo shoots

Two weeks ago the annual retrocomputing fair MadriSX & Retro was held in Madrid (Spain). It was a huge success, attracting more than 400 visitors.

A fixed version of BlaggerEditor is now available on Andrea Rossetti's website, under the MSX Software section. The program had a bug that prevented 'File/Open' and 'File/Save' dialogs from working. A short HOWTO in English is also available, to help you create and play your first level.

asMSX 0.12g

by Ivan on 19-03-2007, 19:46
Topic: Development

Yesterday a new version of Eduardo Robsy's Z80 cross-assembler asMSX was released with the following new features:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented local symbols from working correctly in PHASEd code
  • Improved conditional assembly: new IFDEF conditional statement
  • Generates CAS files
  • Generates WAV files
  • Minor adjustements to improve stability

Apart from that

Five new dossiers at MSXCafé

by hamalech on 19-03-2007, 11:28
Topic: Websites

MSXCafé, "The café for the crazy MSX fans" as they call it, have introduced a new section: "members chronicles". During its debut, five dossiers have been put online :

  • Konami MSX1 boxes
  • Konami MSX2 boxes
  • MSX in Famicom
  • Pentarou Saga
  • Unreleased Konami MSX games (with a surprise to be announced soon)

Some time ago MSX Hardware Argentina published a scan of the blueprints of the Talent TPC-310, sent by Juan Jose Galvan (ex Talent technician).

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