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MSXArt'06 challenge - closed

by snout on 12-11-2006, 20:29
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

On January 20th MSX Resource Center and MSX Café, now PassionMSX, started the MSXArt'06 challenge.

Italo challenge - extended deadline

by snout on 12-11-2006, 15:21
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The deadline of the MRC Italo Challenge has been extended towards December 29th 2006, 23:59 CET. Due to the limited amount of entries finished and announced we decided to give MSX composers some extra time and inspiration. Next week, MRC will release a set of Italo-oriented samples which could be used with Moonsound and MSX-Audio.

fMSX/S60 1.14d

by snout on 12-11-2006, 15:00
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX/S60 - an MSX emulator for Series 60 compliant mobile devices - has been released.

Salamander dossier at PassionMSX

by snout on 12-11-2006, 14:45
Topic: Websites

The French MSX portal PassionMSX have updated their website with a dossier on Konami's classic shooter Salamander.

Just 10 days after Bazix started taking pre-orders for the brand new One Chip MSX the stock-tracker on their website shows they have already 'sold' more than 50% of their stock.

Zanac Ex in

by snout on 10-11-2006, 00:56
Topic: MSX Revival

Bazix have re-released Compile's classing shooter Zanac Ex in a retranslated edition on On MSX, this sequel to Zanac was released in 1986. review

by Morg on 09-11-2006, 22:21
Topic: MSX Revival

Manuel Sagra has updated his Spanish retro gaming blog with a review of the new retro gaming service, that offers commercial and 'amateur' retro games and their manuals embedded in the official MSX emulator

MRC Newsletter #15 online

by snout on 09-11-2006, 12:50
Topic: MRC

We have just added the 15th MSX Resource Center newsletter to our MRC Newsletter archive. Regular visitors of the MRC know this means a brand new newsletter is currently being sent out to those who subscribed to it.

The MSX version of Phantomas Saga: Infinity, which was announced in August 2006 has been released today.

Giovanni Nunes has published a photo shoot taken during the MSX Jaú 2006 MSX event in Jaú, Brazil. The photo shoot gives a nice impression of the day and shows, for instance, nice pictures of the Mitsubishi ML-T2SH computer, which has an embedded telephone.

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