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MSX IPS Patch Archive - Update

by BiFi on 08-01-2005, 16:15
Topic: Software

Recently a few more IPS patches have been added to the MSX IPS Patch Archive:

  • Hinotori cheat patch made by Patrick van Arkel (Vampier)
  • SD-Snatcher improved translation patch

Note the SD-Snatcher improved translation patch is the first IPS patch for disk images made for MSX.

On MSX an IPS patch can be applied with <

blueMSX Launcher 1.2

by mars2000you on 07-01-2005, 23:27
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the launcher for blueMSX, developed by Sam Elsharif, has been released and is available on the resource page of the blueMSX site.

New features are:

  • you can create more than 2 databases
  • you can drag and drop a new file to an existing database

Relevant link :

KSR Sound Driver 050105

by Bart on 06-01-2005, 22:14
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A couple of days after the previous release a new version of the KSR Sound Driver was released. offline

by Bart on 06-01-2005, 22:06
Topic: Websites, once a very active and useful MSX website, is offline. The domain points to the owners' (Agony) personal blog. On that blog a small page on MSX can still be found. Though the famous MSX 'newbie' articles, amongst other interesting information, seem lost.

Yupipati - Promo

by snout on 06-01-2005, 10:20
Topic: Software

Magapeich of Paxanga has just released a promo version of the game Yupipati, a cool variation to the old paper, scissor, rocks principle he released on the 26th MSX User meeting in Barcelona. This promo version is limited to four characters and versus mode.

MSXPró - Sixth anniversary

by snout on 05-01-2005, 15:41
Topic: Websites

Today the Brazilian MSX portal MSXPró are celebrating their sixth anniversary, adding the following contents to their website:

  • Schematics of the DDX MSX1 to MSX2 convertor kit
  • Schematics and a picture of Leonard Silva de Oliveira's OPL3 sound cartridge, which is partially MSX-AUDIO and partially Moonsound compatible

Paragon - Website opened

by snout on 05-01-2005, 11:51
Topic: Websites

It looks like the Dutch MSX group Paragon are back in action.

ExecROM - New patches with cheats

by snout on 04-01-2005, 18:54
Topic: Software

Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha released the following patches for ExecROM today:

  • Nemesis 1 - invincible mode, infinite "HYPER" password, "Twinbee" mode
  • Nemesis 1 SCC - invincible mode
  • Nemesis 2 - invincible mode
  • Nemesis 3 - invincible mode
  • Salamander - invincible mode
  • Parodius -

KSR Sound Driver 041230

by snout on 04-01-2005, 17:51
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

On December 30th, 2004 Boukichi released a new version of his KSR Sound driver.

Genoside2 stage2-3 by Chabinn

by mars2000you on 04-01-2005, 02:46
Topic: Music

Source: Ikeda's MSX PRINT

Chabinn, the well-known Japanese music composer of AlgoRhythm, has created a classic game song by using PSG, SCC and OPLL (using the MPK Music driver) and the [blueMSX emulator.

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