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Metal Gear French

by snout on 21-01-2005, 22:15
Topic: Translations

/ MRC Forums

Generation IX have released an IPS patch of a French version of Hideo Kojima's MSX masterpiece Metal Gear. The current version is still a beta, and has not been completely tested yet.

In 1998 Sunrise for MSX released The Lost World by UMAX. At that moment no Moonsound support was available. After 4 years the first discussions about it were started and the musicians were contacted to make Moonsound versions of the music.

Best MSX news of 2004 [round 4]

by snout on 20-01-2005, 00:07
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After three rounds of voting in our busy MSX forum, there are 8 newsposts left competing for the title 'Best MSX news of 2004'. The exciting third round gathered no less than 28 votes.


by pitpan on 19-01-2005, 14:18
Topic: Websites

Last year there was an MSX1 game development contest that surprised the entire MSX community: MSXdev'04. Within 6 months, 16 new and often addictive MSX1 games were produced. Right from the moment the contest was closed it was clear the competition would have a follow-up in 2005, and here it is. As of today, MSXdev'05 is a fact.

Oss 2005 - Reminder

by snout on 18-01-2005, 23:37
Topic: Events

This Saturday the tratitional new-years MSX users meeting in Oss will be held. As usual, the place to be is the 'Oude Theater' on the Bram van den Berghstraat in Oss, just a small walk from the train station.

Zilog have recently added a new series of processors to the Z80 family: the eZ80 Acclaim!.

Manuel Bilderbeek informed us about an article in Cursor, a Dutch magazine of TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven). In this magazine, Lennert Wesel pays a visit to Walter Belgers, collector of (retro) computers. Walter mentions he used to do his homework on MSX for as long as possible.

Bombaman Level Edit Challenge - Results

by snout on 17-01-2005, 21:21
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

About a month ago the Bombaman Level Edit Challenge was closed.

Aiky have released a new Disc Station compilation containing the games Megalopolis SOS, Devil's Heaven and Final

The ever growing retrogaming music archives of Retro PC Game Music were updated with the soundtrack of Konami's Metal Gear.

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