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The MSXdev'04 game development competition has brought us two more brand new MSX1 games: Computer wars and Mr. Chef and the Sausages.

Computer Wars is a business stragety simulation game created by Crappysoft. The game is all about the 8bit computer market. Mr.

Seal of Hades remake

by snout on 09-08-2004, 00:13
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Leandro Correia has started developing a remake of the Casio game 'Seal of Hades' (the full title of this game is 'Yami no Ryu Ou - Hades no Monshou'). The first version of this remake has just been released.

KbMedia Player Version 2.35 beta6

by Bart on 08-08-2004, 22:08
Topic: MSX Related

KbMediaPlayer which supports OPX and, when using the MSXPlug plugin, KSS, BGM, MPK and MGS formats, has been updated to version 2.35 beta 6.

Retro PC Game music adds Fray

by Bart on 08-08-2004, 22:07
Topic: Music

Retro PC Game Music have again updated their playlists. This time two track of Fray (for PC98) were added. You can listen to this streaming radio station at Most popular mediaplayers support streaming radio.

Last night MSXposse held a chat night on the Undernet #msx channel.

Which MSX has the best design [finale]

by snout on 08-08-2004, 00:10
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Three weeks ago we started a quest for the MSX computer with the best design. After the nominations and four rounds of voting in our active MSX forum this quest is about to come to an end. Only four computers out of 58 nominated MSX computers can win thie prestigious title.

MRC Bounce Challenge - 5th entry by GuyveR800

by snout on 07-08-2004, 23:36
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

About three weeks ago we started the MRC Bounce Challenge. In this challenge both experienced and novice MSX developers can show how fun (and easy) it can be to develop for MSX. Today, we have received the 5th entry to this challenge, created in only a few lines of BASIC code by GuyveR800.

MSX Music Editor chat night on #msxdev

by Unregistered user on 07-08-2004, 18:08
Topic: Websites

Tonight the #msxdev IRC channel on the Rizon network will hold an online meeting, at which MSX Music Editors will be discussed.

MSXposse chat night

by snout on 07-08-2004, 17:47
Topic: Websites

Tonight MSX Posse are holding an MSX chat night in the #msx IRC channel on Undernet.

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