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MAD - Link added

by snout on 28-05-2004, 16:11
Topic: Websites

MAD is a Japanese composer who often uses MSX as a source of inspiration for his compositions. He also likes to use the characteristic sounds of the PSG and SCC chips regularly. On his website you can find a collection of MP3 files he created. MAD recently released two songs inspired by Vampire Killer and Puyo Puyo.

Shalom Portuguese beta 12

by snout on 28-05-2004, 16:04
Topic: Translations

Source: Ricardo Bittencourt's mailinglist

Ricardo Bittencourt has released a new beta-version of the Portuguese translation of Konami's Shalom (Knightmare 3). The translation project is very close to completion. In this new version many small bugs were removed, thanks to a full test-run of Fernando Gallego.

MSX Top - Link added

by snout on 28-05-2004, 15:54
Topic: Websites

Source: MSX-BR-L mailinglist

Today we added a new link to our section of MSX websites. MSX Top is a Brazilian MSX community website available in both English and Portuguese, created by Edison Antonio Pires de Moraes.

MSX Club West Friesland - reminder

by chaos on 27-05-2004, 20:07
Topic: Events

Source: comp.sys.msx

In March we reported about the restart of MCWF after a period of silence. Now, we would like to remind you about the start of a new series of clubmeetings. The first one has been scheduled on the 5th of June. The meetings will be held in 'Buurtcentrum Risdam' in Hoorn, Scheerder 1.

Maggoo's website update

by Maggoo on 26-05-2004, 00:52
Topic: Websites

Maggoo has updated his website, adding the AudioWave #3 music disk to the downloads section. Furthermore, a new section about unreleased projects is opened. It contains some (very) old IOD and Abyss projects that were never finished, previously unreleased Dandan music from the game Total Parody and much more.

EGG starts sales of Jagur

by snout on 25-05-2004, 12:07
Topic: MSX Revival

Project EGG have started selling the popular MSX game Jagur, a game by Compile and Hudson in their Retro-software webshop.

Team Bomba Under Water - Update

by snout on 23-05-2004, 23:40
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

One of the 11 entries in the Under Water Challenge was a GFX9000 demo created by Team Bomba. As of now you can download an updated version right here.

MSXplug 2004-05-23

by snout on 23-05-2004, 22:21
Topic: MSX Related

Today, Digital Sound Antiques released a new version of MSXplug, the WinAmp plugin that allows you to play several formats of MSX music files on your PC.

MSX VIEWer 1.00

by snout on 22-05-2004, 00:24
Topic: Development

After a short series of beta version, the first official release of MSX VIEWer, a Windows tool that allows you to view and edit MSX-BASIC listings on your PC, has just been released. Although the interface of the program is in Japanese, the program is quite easy to use.

MSX group for Girls

by YSMSX on 20-05-2004, 14:32
Topic: Websites

The MSX Community often seems like a men's world, but nothing can be further from the truth. Yumiko ShimaMura (YSMSX) created a Yahoo Group especially for all the MSX-minded ladies. Over here she would like to talk about the good times she had with MSX, meet new and old friends, review games and applications, organize lotteries and other activities related to MSX.

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