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Utilities by Arno Dekker

by snout on 04-01-2004, 01:04
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A few days ago we added two games created by Arno Dekker to our downloads database.

Today we received yet another entry to the MRC Snowfall Challenge. This one is created by a new dutch group called DarkStone. This demo was created in BASIC and si accompanied by a nice Moonsound song.

Joram van Hartingsveldt (ntfaDaedalus) has just sent us an entry for the MRC Snowfall Challenge. This time, the entry is coded in BASIC. The nice snow effect is accompanied by some Moonsound songs created in Moonblaster Wave. At boot, the demo randomly selects one out of four songs.


by snout on 02-01-2004, 22:06
Topic: Development

Ricardo Bittencourt sent us a little tool for addition to our downloads database. SCR2GRP can convert Spectrum graphics (.SCR) to MSX format (.GRP). It comes with an MS-DOS executable, but should be easy to port to other Operating Systems as well. The C source code is included.

Guru Logic for MSX1 updated

by pitpan on 02-01-2004, 19:10
Topic: Software

Several bugs in the game Guru Logic for MSX1, released as part of the MSXDev'03 results were fixed today.

  • It's now possible to play beyond level 4
  • Changed and recoded the password system
  • Remapped the rotate buttons for the joystick

Once again, please note that this entertaining MSX1 game is not the Guru Logic for MS

Super Puzzle Fighter 2X for MSX1

by Latok on 01-01-2004, 15:09
Topic: Software

Eduardo A.

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