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Falcom announces Legend of Heroes 6

by Sama on 16-01-2004, 02:07
Topic: MSX Related

After the spectacular release of Ys 6 - The Ark of Napishtim, Falcom has announced the release of the sixth part in the Legend of Heroes saga for the spring of 2004. The first part of this series, very well known to most MSX users, was also known as 'Dragon Slayer 6'.

Most important MSX News of 2003 [finale]

by snout on 16-01-2004, 00:15
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After four rounds of voting in our forums the time has come for the finale of the 'most important MSX news of 2003' mega-poll.

MNBIOS website - moved

by flyguille on 15-01-2004, 23:14
Topic: Websites

Today, the MNBIOS website moved to MNBIOS is a new BIOS (not backwards compatible with the standard MSX BIOSes) for MSX that is about to be released. You can follow the progress of the developer and read the programmers manual on his website.

MSX Reminiscences

by snout on 15-01-2004, 23:11
Topic: Music

One of our active forum users, Jonemaan, created a Moonblaster Wave song today, using the Moonsound emulation in NLMSX.

Bombaman -review-

by Latok on 15-01-2004, 14:26
Topic: Software

Only a few days left until the official startshot is being given for a new MSX year. The MSX 2004 fair in Oss is going to be a fantastic showcase of what our community is capable of.

EGG releases Palamedes for PocketPC

by snout on 15-01-2004, 13:27
Topic: MSX Revival

Yesterday Project EGG released Palamedes for PocketPC. This addictive puzzle game by HOT-B was released for Windows a year ago. The original MSX2 version was released in 1990.

GFX9000 library 0.001

by msd on 14-01-2004, 22:17
Topic: Development

Marcel Delorme has started development of a GFX9000 library. This library is coded in assembly and contains many useful routines which can be used in other assembly productions by other programmers. The first version doesn't contain many functions yet, but it can already be used. Marcel is looking for other coders who would like to help him extending this library.

Karoshi's PSG Sampler (beta)

by pitpan on 14-01-2004, 22:06
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Karoshi is currently working on a new PSG Tracker. As a first step, a beta-version of Karoshi's PSG Sampler was released. This MSX ROM lets you edit PSG sounds and makes it easy to configure volume and frequency with its graphical interface.

ASCII-Store have just started a limited time offer during which it is possible to order the MSX Game Reader and the MSXPC. A month ago, pre-ordering of these products stopt as 278 MSXPC's and 3860 Game Readers were sold.

History of Computing in Japan

by snout on 14-01-2004, 14:59
Topic: MSX Related

On the Japanese Yahoogames a section was opened about the history of computing in Japan. Of course, this website contains an MSX Section.

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