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4 new songs on DrMSX soundworks

by snout on 08-06-2003, 13:27
Topic: Music

On the DrMSX website, 4 new songs created with MSX computers were added. Two of them are created by DrMSX; Metal Fighter and Little Explorer. The others were created by MSX freaks Halbon and Chabin.

MSX Affiliates Forum moved

by FiXato on 08-06-2003, 01:21
Topic: Websites

The MSX Affiliates Forum is moving to a new server due to increased datatraffic. From now on the MAF can be found on

Color Magic 1.1

by BiFi on 07-06-2003, 18:42
Topic: Development

On MarMSX version 1.1 of the graphical tool Color Magic can be downloaded. Added features for the tool are:

  • Added x and y coordinates.
  • Negative shades available.

You can find this tool in the MSX Viewer-section of the MarMSX website.

Relevant link: MarMSX

Game On is an exhibition on the history of computer games. The cool thing about this exhibition, besides that it's about the old games we all know, is that you can actually play those classics! The exhibition is divided in different rooms displaying the different computer types (consoles, homecomputers, etc), famous game characters, gaming cultures around the globe, etc, etc.

The Open Contents Platform Association (OCPA) was founded in october 2001.

EGG is releasing new line-ups of retro software at a speed that made us forget to mention line-up 16 and 17. The 18th line-up consists of 5 games amongst one by MicroCabin. Again all titles are of MSX origin!
EGG also updated the website making it possible to click on titles and read some more info on a game and also check out some screenshots.

Xenon soft website

by snout on 04-06-2003, 19:01
Topic: Websites

A new link was added to our links database today. The Xenon website contains information on video-gaming, links to MSX websites and pictures of MadriSX 2003.

MSX 20th anniversary demo

by snout on 04-06-2003, 18:50
Topic: Software

Today we added a new title to our downloads database. The MSX 20th anniversary demo was created by Olivier Hustin, also known as Maggoo from IOD and Abbyss. This demo celebrates the 20th anniversary of our beloved MSX system with some nice and well-thought effects.

MRC Newsletter 6

by snout on 03-06-2003, 20:10
Topic: MRC

MRC members who subscribed to our newsletter should just have received the latest edition of the MSX Resource Center newsletter.

In this edition we had - as usual - some news exclusive to the faithful readers of our newsletter and an overview of the most important news posts since our latest newsletter.

On an interview with Michiru Yamane can be found. She is one of the chiptune composers of Konami. When asked which soundtrack she likes the most she replies "That's a tough question. Yes, it's probably for Twinbee, for me too.

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