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BestGear MSX top 3

by snout on 16-06-2003, 19:08
Topic: MSX Revival

The Japanese Computer-magazine BestGear has published a top 3 of MSX games, based on data submitted by Maxload. Although the criteria are unclear, their top3 is:

  • 1. Wonder boy
  • 2. Vampire Killer
  • 3.

Moonlight Saga available

by snout on 15-06-2003, 22:32
Topic: Software

Moonlight Saga is one of the MSX games that only work on the Panasonic MSX turboR system. This RPG is considered to be the best RPG ever released on MSX, looking from a technical point of view. The game has music for FM-PAC and MIDI (GM), works with a smooth scrolling RPG-engine (in all directions!) features relatively large characters and a fast battle-system.

The Stone Of Wisdom Walkthrough

by mars2000you on 15-06-2003, 21:47
Topic: Websites

The Stone Of Wisdom is a RPG game that Casio released in 1986. You must find 4 stones that are hidden in a pyramid full of monsters. To help in your mission, you can take diamonds that allow you to buy some powers. You can also obtain bonus of intelligence, power and life.

Best MSX2 game ever mega-poll [round 1]

by snout on 14-06-2003, 18:30
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After the huge succes of our best MSX1 game ever mega-poll, the next step was pretty obvious: A mega-poll in search of the best MSX2 game ever. A grand total of 214 games were nominated. Several rounds of voting in our forums, concluded by a final round on our frontpage will decide which game is the best MSX2 game ever.

MRC opens contacts section

by snout on 13-06-2003, 18:34
Topic: MRC

You had to wait for it for a while, but finally a contacts section is set up at the MSX Resource Center again. Right here you can have a look at information on the members of our website, ordered by their username. We have also added a separate ICQ and MSN list.

The Contacts block will appear on the left side of your screen as soon as you are logged in to the MSX Resource Center.

NLMSX 0.48

by snout on 13-06-2003, 14:18
Topic: Emulation

Frits Hilderink has released a new version of the popular and user-friendly MSX Emulator NLMSX. In this version the following things have changed:

  • Solved a crash when sound is disabled
  • Updated the GUI, eg.

Halbon - available in English

by snout on 13-06-2003, 00:57
Topic: Music

A few days ago we reported about Halbon, a website where you can find several WMA files of songs created on MSX.

Because of the increase of overseas-users to Halbon's website, Halbon decided to set up an English section. This makes finding those songs a lot easier.

MSX Fair Oss 2004

by snout on 12-06-2003, 21:52
Topic: Events

MSX NBNO has announced they will organize the first MSX fair of the year 2004 once again. On January 17th the 'Oude theater' in Oss will again be a place where active MSX users can meet each other.

MRC Newsletter #5 online

by snout on 12-06-2003, 13:55
Topic: MRC

Since we sent the sixth newsletter to our members a while ago, our fifth newsletter was added to the articles section of our website. Right there you can read several in-depth articles, including an archive of all newsletters we have sent so far.

MSX Magazine 2 needs your help

by snout on 12-06-2003, 13:14
Topic: MSX Revival

In december 2002 ASCII released an MSX Magazine containing MSXPLAYer, the official MSX emulator from MSX Association. With this, the MSX Revival was officially started.

The first MSX Magazine has been a huge succces.

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